A Guide To Unique Wedding Gifts For Your Friends & Family

Wedding Gifts

You know your friends and family members better than anyone else. You know their hobbies, interests, and passions. When you are choosing a perfect gift for them, you want to get them something they will love and use often. Getting married is an exciting time, and as a friend or family member close to the bride and groom, you want to find a great wedding gift that reflects their personalities. But where do you start? So many different types of skills can be given at a wedding.

People choose many distinctive gifts as wedding presents for the happy couple - glassware, cutlery, china sets - but there's no reason why those things have to be the only options available. There are numerous creative and unusual wedding gifts out there that aren't such common choices; you just need to look beyond the usual suspects:


Unique Wedding Presents for the Couple

Many people give the bridal couple a gift chest to store all their wedding memorabilia, but if you wish to be more creative and do something different, here are some ideas.


1. Set of cheese boards

Who doesn't like a good cheese board? This bundle includes almost everything the pair will need to put together. The board contains broad grooves for snacking, a concealed drawer with cheese knives, and a cheese board guide for inspiration.


2. Romantic Couple T-shirts

These matching black and white t-shirts are ideal for the day-after-the-wedding breakfast, their honeymoon, or simply lazing about. The adorable rainbow heart is a bright complement. 


3. Funny T-shirts


For the bride and groom, there are plenty of options for funny shirts. You can get shirts that read "Mazel tov!" or "I'm married" with their names or initials. You can also get t-shirts that match the groom's and bride's individual personalities.


4. Wall art made of cotton


Look at this organic cotton artwork if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind present idea. Their wedding day can be gifted to them in Roman numerals carefully carved from walnut wood and set above a layer of 100 percent organic cotton. It's got a clean, unfussy look that's everything from cheesy.


5. Mugs set


You can't go wrong with a mug set, which can be used daily or displayed for special occasions if you're searching for something compact. Their wedding date is printed in a charming typeface on each of these Mr. and Mr. mugs, making them a thoughtful wedding gift.


Unique Gifts for the Bridesmaids

If you have a close relationship with bridesmaids, you might want to get them something unique and memorable that they can keep and treasure for years. Here are some unique and creative gifts for bridesmaids.


1. Bridesmaids' Bouquets

Many people get the bridal couple a bouquet, but what about the bridesmaids? If a bridesmaid is a florist, they might want to save their flowers for the wedding itself. Otherwise, a bridesmaid bouquet is a unique and memorable gift that the bridesmaids will cherish for years to come. If you choose to get the couple something, you can buy it or make it yourselves.

This can help you develop the perfect gift for the team and show them your love and appreciation. Gifting also shows how thankful you are for inviting them to the wedding.


2. Lovely robes


Dress up your squad with these wonderful flowery cotton robes, which are ideal for the day-of prep and beyond. They come in various colorful colors to complement your palette—or to mix and match so that everyone has one that suits their style. It comes in an organza bag and is ready to present right away!


3. Customized clutch


When your bridal party enters with these matching clutches, it will be a down-to-every-detail moment. They're polished enough for the wedding reception and trendy enough to use after the big day, made of high-quality vegan leather and custom printed with gold letters.


4. Customized door mats


If they share a last name, this personalized doormat is a kind and unexpected present. To make it feel more like a wedding present, include the year they married.


Unique Gifts for the Groomsmen


If you're close to the groomsmen, you might want to get a gift for the groomsmen. Here are some unique and creative gifts for groomsmen.


1. Groomsmen Flask


For the groomsmen, a flask is a great gift they're sure to use often. This is a thoughtful and valuable gift that every wedding party member will appreciate. Flasks are a perfect gift for groomsmen.


Unique Gifts for the Parents


Parents don't need to be showered with a bunch of expensive items as wedding presents. Here, a personalized present or something they can utilize on the wedding day shows you cared and showed them you appreciated their thoughtfulness and nice gesture. Choose a present that speaks to the recipient's unique passions or interests as an alternative.


1. Sneakers


The bespoke sneakers are wonderful, and they can be further personalized with embroidery for the dads who can't wait to take their tuxedo shoes off on the dance floor.


2. Handkerchief


These cute embroidered handkerchiefs are both functional and sentimental, making them ideal for dabbing away (happy) tears on the big day. You may select from various pre-written notes or put your unique spin on it, with options for both mom and dad. I say we start the flood gates.


3. Personalized wine bottles


A bottle of wine is an almost failsafe way of showing appreciation, and this personalized label will make it much more meaningful. Pick out a bottle of red or white wine that your future in-laws enjoy, and add a special message and the wedding date on this label. You may buy them as a set of two and give one to each set of in-laws.


Gifts for the bridal party


If you are good friends, you can get them something more personalized than a traditional wedding gift. You can get them something they'll use daily, like a watch, cufflinks, or a book on a topic they're interested in. You can also get them a meaningful piece of jewelry, like a charm or a ring, that has a connection to you or your significant other.

If someone at the wedding party has a hobby or interest, you can get them something related. For example, if the best man loves cars, you can get them a car accessory or a book on cars. You might want to get them something special.


Gift Cards - You can get gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants. You can earn gift cards for a grocery store or pharmacy if you don't know what they like.


Creative and Unusual Wedding Gifts


If you don't want a typical wedding gift, you can get the bridal couple something they will never forget. These are some creative and unusual gifts you can get the happy couple.

Cruise - A cruise is a one-of-a-kind gift that a couple will never forget. Couples love cruises for their exotic destinations and luxurious accommodations.


Finance a Trip: You can book a trip to an unknown destination or visit a dream place that was always on the list of the team but never had the chance to go. Another option is to plan an activity honeymoon.

You can book a trip to a beach destination and design activities that the couple loves to do together, like snorkeling, scuba diving, zip lining, or safari. There are a plethora of options to choose from, and you can even find honeymoon packages that include everything from booking the trip to booking the hotel.

Another great tip is to find out if the couple has any hobbies. If they are traditional or modern. If you do not know this information about them, you can ask their friends or family how the couple makes use of their free time. This is another excellent way for you to get them a thoughtful and personalized wedding gift.



There are so many used wedding gifts for couple and their guests. You can pick any of these listed here on AwayWedding.com. You can get creative and get something that's memorable and one-of-a-kind. These are the best ways to celebrate the couple and their special day. Not only will these gifts be meaningful and thoughtful, but they'll also be unique and memorable. These are the types of gifts you and your family will adore.

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