Let's Delve into Armenian Wedding Traditions

Every wedding tradition is different. Some says do not step out before the wedding and some says, get out and have fun to enjoy your bachelorhood. But, there is one thing which is common in all the wedding traditions and customs, be it Armenian wedding, Southern wedding or an Indian Wedding – they all ensure good luck and best wishes for the bride and the groom.

The wedding traditions play a dual role for the bride and the groom. Following the traditions keep us connected to our roots and shield the newly-wed couple from the evil spirits that are most prone to attack them at this point of time.

In today’s article, we will learn about Armenian wedding tradition which every Armenian bride and groom follow with due respect. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Armenian person or not. Incorporating a unique tradition at your wedding can be a fun.

Let’s dig deep into the Armenian wedding culture and find out one that you can incorporate into your big celebration day.

Let’s get started.

Eating Bread and Salt

Want to know how your dream man will look like? Follow this Armenian tradition and see your future husband in the dreams. According to the tradition, if a single Armenian man or women eat a slice of bread containing high-sodium(salt), he/she will hopefully dream about the future husband or wife for sure. There is one condition for this. The bread has to be prepared by a happily married mid-aged woman.

Sounds interesting, try it for your case. You never know whom you gonna see in your dreams. This is actually fun.

Breaking the Plate

This is another Armenian tradition which is followed with due respect by every newly-wed couple. Post wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom and welcomed by this “breaking the plate” wedding tradition. As the bride and groom enter the house, they are asked to break a plate which is believed to bring good luck for the couple. The Armenian couples have been following this custom for years. However, the tradition has undergone a few modifications with each passing decade but the basics have remains the same. Breaking the plate is a must for every newly-wed couple.

Eating Lavash

As the couple enters the house, groom’s mother greets them by offering a traditional dish known as “Lavash”. It a type of Armenian bread which is consumed with honey. The newly-wed couple is asked to eat a slice of bread and a spoon of honey which symbolizes happiness for their new life. According to folklore, if you follow this custom, the theory goes, you will find eternal joy with your soul mate which is what every newly-wed couple desires to have, right?

To wish them good luck for the happily married life, lavash is applied on their shoulders. This is also done to keep the evil spirits away from them.

Shower of Coins and Nuts

To welcome the bride and the groom, the guests shower them with sweets, nuts, and coins. This is followed by gifting the couple with wedding gifts, money, and jewels as well.

This tradition has been modified with time. Nowadays, guests shower the couple with currency notes instead of coins. This is normally done on the day of the wedding reception. You might have seen couples dancing at their reception and the guests throwing money on their performance. This is exactly we are talking about.

Once the couple is done with this, the celebration continues with Armenian music, dance, delicious food and drink which runs until late night.

The Conclusion

These are a few high points of Armenian Wedding tradition and custom. In this article, we covered four popular customs i.e. eating bread and salt, breaking the plate, eating lavash, and showering nuts & coins.

Did we miss something important that deserves to be listed out here? Do let us know. We always love to hear from our readers. Leave your query in the comment section and we will revert back at the earliest.


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