A Maid Of Honor's Duties To Know Before The Wedding

On the wedding day, it is expected that the bride will be little busy with her hairstylist, wedding make-up and what not? That’s why it’s a good idea for a maid of honor to take a lead and take care of the things that are required for the wedding arrangements. A maid of honor takes a lot of duties and responsibilities which include planning a bachelorette party, organizing bridesmaids and brides dresses, making sure of bride’s preferences, giving a speech, and many more. So read carefully these must-to-do tasks to help out the couple by keeping the problems at bay while making sure that everyone is enjoying the event.


Duties Of A Maid Of Honor


Go through this article to unfold the duties of a maid of honor that need to keep in mind. We have got you covered on this, so keep scrolling down.


Ensure The Brides Things Are In Place


This is one of the most important duties of a maid of honor which can be ignored at any cost. From makeup to hair updo to the wedding dress, a maid of honor has to make sure of everything. Just in case,  if the makeup is taking too long or the hairstyle is not the one that has been asked to make while hiring a hairstylist, then a maid of honor can the expert to change the look right away.


Be A Bride’s Stylist


A maid of honor assists the bride in choosing the bridesmaid dresses while making sure that their dresses and accessories are trendy. Apart from this, a maid of honor confirms the makeup appointments and coordinates travel agent for flight bookings.


Lead The Bridal Group


The maid of honor manages the entire event and ensure that the bride and bridesmaids have a seamless experience of the wedding. The maid of honor is the point person for any bridesmaid-related questions or concerns. The wedding-related details which require scrutinization, a maid of honor comes in and do the needful requirements. 


Be A Point Person For Guests


At the big day, there are a lot of queries that most of the guests raise related to food, sitting plan, etc. The major duty of the maid of honor is to provide valuable answers to guests and reveal all the information related to the itinerary plan. On the couple’s website, the entire information is mentioned; however, there are some guests who don’t want to open the website to get latest updates on the wedding. 

Plan the Bachelorette Party


The maid of honor plan, discuss and arrange a mind-blowing bachelorette party that the bride will never forget. Whether it’s a destination bachelorette party or planning to throw a party at home, keep the bride’s personality in mind to make her bachelorette unforgettable event.


Attend Pre-Wedding Events


Usually, the maid of honor doesn’t plan the engagement party, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner; however they have to be present in each and every pre-wedding event. The maid of honor fills the environment with their immense presence. So make sure to be a part of every pre-wedding event.


Wrapping Up


All the maid of honor who has been playing the role of it must recall their memories that had made during the wedding. Those ladies who have to play the role of the maid of honor lately should get inspired by this post which is having top duties of a maid of honor. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!


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