Destination Wedding Types: A Guide To Help You Decide

awy destination wedding types


In the planning process of any wedding, there are a variety of details that must be considered. From choosing the venue to booking the photographer, these details can make the wedding planning process stressful. To ensure that your wedding day is as stress-free as possible, it is important to start wedding planning well in advance. By giving yourself enough time to plan the details of your wedding, you will reduce the stress of the process and allow yourself enough time to make thoughtful decisions. The location of your nuptials is likely to be high on your list of priorities during this time – after all, you want your wedding day to be one that you and your partner look back on with nothing but fond memories for years to come. A destination wedding is an excellent way to combine the best elements of a wedding with a unique location while minimizing the stressors that can accompany an ordinary home or public ceremony. To help you decide which type of destination wedding might be right for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most common types. This guide will introduce you to some of the most popular choices and give you insight into what makes each one so special.


Themes and Locations

When choosing a theme for your destination wedding, you may find that you’re drawn to one of several different motifs. Popular themes include tropical, garden, winter, and urban settings. Tropical themes are wonderful for a summer or autumn destination wedding and can also include a garden or botanical motif if you find that a tropical setting isn’t quite right for your location. A winter destination wedding can be a perfect way to escape the cold and snow while still enjoying a festive atmosphere. On the other hand, an urban theme can be ideal if you’d like to host your ceremony in the heart of the city. The type of area where you hold your ceremony can also be a major factor in determining the theme. A beach wedding is a perennial favorite, with a tropical vibe that makes it well-suited for any time of the year. A cave or ruins-themed wedding can also be enjoyed year-round, although it particularly fits for a fall or winter ceremony. An urban wedding, on the other hand, can take place in any season, although it’s especially appealing during the cooler months.


An Out-of-Country Ceremony

If you’re drawn to the idea of incorporating a bit of international flair into your ceremony, an out-of-country wedding might be right for you. Choosing to have your wedding in a location outside of your home country can add a unique element to your wedding day. However, you should be aware that certain customs and traditions are often associated with in-country ceremonies that may not be observed when hosting your wedding in a different location. Depending on where you decide to host your ceremony, you may also have the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique setting. Some of the most popular destinations for out-of-country weddings include Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Keep in mind that most of these locations are best enjoyed during the fall or winter months. If you’re considering an out-of-country wedding, you’ll likely be faced with a variety of questions concerning travel arrangements. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan your trip; many out-of-country wedding ceremonies are held in the early morning.


A Beach Wedding

A beach wedding can be a wonderful way to commemorate your union as you walk along the shoreline. A beach wedding can be held during any time of year, although the availability of certain amenities may vary depending on the time of year in which you choose to marry. If you’re considering getting married on the beach, keep in mind that it’s important to check with the applicable authorities to verify that your chosen beach is open to the public and that you’re permitted to tie the knot there. When choosing a beach location for your wedding, you may want to consider the overall theme of your ceremony. If you’d like to host an aquatic-themed wedding, for example, a beach near a bridge or pier might be right for you. Beach weddings can be as casual or formal as you like; there are virtually no restrictions on what you can wear or bring to the ceremony site.


A Cave or Ruins Wedding

If you’re interested in hosting a truly unique wedding ceremony, a cave or ruins-themed wedding is a perfect choice. Although caves are naturally suited to host indoor ceremonies, they can also be used to host outdoor weddings in locations where this is possible. To hold your wedding ceremony in a cave, you’ll need to contact the relevant authorities to verify that your chosen venue is open to the public and that you’re permitted to marry there. When choosing a venue for your wedding ceremony, you may want to consider the overall theme of your wedding. If you’d like to host a vintage-themed wedding, for example, a cave decorated with antique artifacts can be an excellent choice. There are no real restrictions on what can be brought into a cave for a wedding ceremony, so you’re free to incorporate a variety of decorations and elements into your wedding.


An Urban Wedding

An urban wedding can be a great choice for couples who want to hold their ceremony in a lively city setting. You may want to consider an urban wedding if you’re hoping to incorporate elements of the city into your ceremony or if you’d like your guests to have the chance to explore the city after the ceremony has concluded. Urban weddings are most commonly held in the heart of a city at a variety of unique and interesting venues. As you begin to explore your options, you may find that there are a variety of restrictions on where you’re allowed to host your ceremony. This is especially true if you’re hoping to host your ceremony in a popular or heavily trafficked city area.


An Egyptian Wedding

If you’d like to mark your wedding day with an ancient and exotic flair, an Egyptian-themed wedding can be an excellent choice. An Egyptian wedding can be a wonderful way to commemorate your union by drawing inspiration from this fascinating culture. There are no particular regulations that must be followed when hosting an Egyptian-themed wedding; however, there are some traditions that are often linked to this type of ceremony. For example, many couples choose to seal their union with a sacramental wedding ceremony. A traditional Egyptian wedding can also be marked by the exchange of gold jewelry between the bride and groom.



The wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that should be celebrated as much as possible. Even if it is an arranged marriage, you can make the day your own by choosing things that you would like to happen on that day, such as a song for the processional, a poem for your vows, or a special place for your reception. You can also make the wedding day a special experience for your closest friends and family members by asking them to be in charge of something on the day, such as asking your best friend to give you away or your favorite aunt to give the toasting speech. A destination wedding can be a great option for couples who want to combine their wedding with a unique experience. This can make the planning process a bit more challenging, but with proper planning and research, you can have the perfect destination wedding that you and your partner will remember for years to come.

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