Some Amazing Perks of Destination Wedding

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 31,2018

Planning a dream wedding can be a hard task. When you get engaged, you might not be considering all the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into the big day. It can prove to be an overwhelming process which often makes the event less enjoyable in the end. All the little details make up several months of planning, especially when you have a big guest list. Rather than going overboard with everything related to a wedding, it might be a wise idea to enjoy the advantages of destination weddings.


The 2013 Mintel U.S. weddings report reveal that 58% of brides wish their wedding to be remembered as a fun and casual event, instead of a formal one. No wonder so many modern couples are opting for destination weddings these days, and why not? You get to enjoy a vacation and so do all your guests. And those aren’t the only perks. Check out some of the surprising advantages of a destination wedding.


1. Simple


Destination weddings are so much simpler to plan and execute as compared to home weddings. This might seem counter-intuitive as it can be very difficult to arrange an event long distance, but it actually is easier to organize a wedding at a distant destination. This is because many destinations have pre-designed wedding packages created by professional wedding planners. The packages contain all the elements a beautiful wedding requires. The bride and groom are required to make only a few decisions and the rest is taken care for them. Even if the couple wishes to create their own wedding design, they can obtain the guidance of professional wedding planners who are located at the desired destination. They can take care of all the minor details which require attention.


2. Affordable


As compared to local weddings, destination weddings are usually less expensive. The couple pays for the wedding package, their unique design or their resort stay, while the guests pay their own expense to the location as well as accommodations. Couples can also choose to have a large or small wedding and thus can have the power to control their spending. They also may get deals and discounts from the resorts when they extend their stay, book a certain number of rooms and arrange their honeymoon at the same venue.


3. Smaller Ceremonies


When you choose destination wedding over traditional ones, they are often a small and more intimate ceremony. This is majorly because you cannot expect all of your coworkers to travel far away and take off work to attend your wedding. In fact, because of destination weddings, you are not even required to invite them. People understand that you are having a small and family-oriented ceremony in a remote location, away from your city. It takes you out of having a huge guest list while giving you a ceremony surrounded by close people you really love and care about.


4. Beautiful Aesthetics


Who doesn’t want to look good on their special day? Every couple strives to look their best. However, to make the pictures pop later on and to enjoy the venue to its fullest, you require a fabulous background in order to complement your overall style. You can definitely get just that when you plan a destination wedding. You’ll have the location of your dreams with astonishing pictures to share with those who could not make the trip.

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