Some Places Where You Must Take Off Your Wedding Ring

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Mar 01,2018

If you are married or soon to be, you should be well-versed with the places where you should take your wedding ring off. The reason could be anything, whether an attempt to keep it safe or just to keep it in a good condition. Undoubtedly, there are times and places where your special and precious ring is at high risk of being lost. So, just to avoid this situation, you should be open to the places where you shouldn’t wear your wedding ring or an engagement ring.

Places Where You Shouldn’t Wear Your Wedding Band

This situation is applicable for both bride and groom, so read this post carefully to be aware of those places where you shouldn’t wear your band.


There are many couples who prefer to visit beaches just after their marriage. Whether it is just for a short trip or for their luxurious honeymoon. However, beaches are the most obvious spot where you have high chances of your ring being lost. Apart from this reason, the other reason for not wearing your wedding ring is that sand can wedge under your precious stone. Therefore, it is advisable to not to wear it when you visit the beach. Even after knowing these facts, you are still not convinced then it is important for you to know sunscreen contains harsh and harmful chemicals that can damage your ring metal immediately.


There are many household chores that can only be performed in the kitchen like dishwashing, cooking, etc. Among all, dishwashing is a daily activity which can’t skip for any reason and as we all know that harsh and strong chemicals can damage the appearance of your ring. Discoloring and finishing of the ring are some common issues that most of the people face and once your ring comes contact with any chemical, it will react to the metal which results in discoloring and losing luster.


Bathroom and toilet get dirty easily which requires daily cleaning with harsh and harmful chemicals that can damage your skin if they come contact with your skin directly. Thus, you have to be very careful while cleaning your bathroom with the help of chemicals. These chemicals result in diminishing the luster of your wedding ring so make sure to take your ring off when you clean your bathroom with harmful chemicals.


You must have seen there are many pesticides that are used to kill the pests from the plants, so make sure to wear it off when you are putting some chemical-mixed soil to your plant. Except this, soil particles can damage the beauty of your precious ring. Therefore, while gardening it is required to take it off.

Wrapping Up

As you are now aware of the places where you should keep your ring aside as they are not ideal places to go with the ring on. However, while taking off your ring, always make sure to keep it safe and secure so that it won’t get lost.

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