Top Tips To Follow While Buying Wedding Rings

There’s so much focus on your engagement ring that your wedding ring and the groom can end up being something of an afterthought. Your wedding ring is not only part you need to focus on; however, it is also a symbol of your marriage that you’ll wear forever, so it is quintessentially important part of the wedding ceremony. If you’re looking for some top tips on buying your wedding rings, look no further as we have got you covered with some awesome tips to get the lowdown.

Plan in advance

The “rule number one” comes into play when you are buying your engagement ring: he says you should always consider your wedding ring style at that point. “I meet so many clients who did not realize they would need a shaped wedding ring when they were purchasing their engagement ring,” he explains. “Your wedding ring should always compliment your engagement ring and it should not take away from your engagement ring, so sometimes less is more.” If your fiancé surprises you with an engagement ring, take it to a jeweler as soon as possible and they will help you to work out what kind of wedding ring you can choose from.

Match your metals

Once you have your engagement ring,  you to match the metal of your wedding ring to it: “In Ireland, the gold used is 18kt, however, if you buy your engagement ring abroad it may be 14kt gold. Always check with the diamond retailer what the carat of the gold used in your engagement ring is. If you mix metals, the stronger metal will wear away the weaker metal.”

The Power of Palladium

If you chose a platinum engagement ring, but you don’t want to splash out on a platinum wedding ring to match,  you to consider a palladium wedding ring. “Palladium is from the same family of metals as platinum,”. “And it is just as hard as platinum — the only real difference is that palladium is 30% lighter than platinum.” Palladium is also less than half the price of platinum, so it’s a great choice if you’re working on a tight budget.

Size Matters

Generally, ladies will select a wedding ring the same width as their engagement ring or slightly wider. “As mentioned earlier, your wedding ring should complement your engagement ring not take from it.” If you want your wedding and engagement rings to have a chunky look, it makes real sense to choose them at the same time so you can pick widths that will work well together to create that effect — it won’t always look good if you have a broad wedding ring and a very slim, elegant engagement ring as the look can be too unbalanced.

Diamonds are Forever

If your engagement ring has diamond set shoulders, try and match the setting styles in both rings. “Most jewelers will recommend this. The most common diamond settings are pave set, channel set, grain set or scallop set. Also, try and match up where the diamonds finish on each shoulder. Some clients also like diamonds on the walls/sides of the ring; consider having these diamonds on one side as you will not see the other side when wearing both rings.”

Perfectly Plain and Simple

“Plain wedding rings are also very popular”. The price will be dictated by the number of grams of metal in the ring. If you are on a budget, consider ring styles that are not too heavy or deep. You could find that there are big differences in prices despite rings all being the same width.

Your Ring is FOREVER

Given that you will wear your wedding ring seven days a week, all year round, you to invest in quality. Be careful with rings that are very thin at the bottom. “You may be saving money on fewer grams of metal, but over time the ring will go out of shape, even after small knocks.” If you want to share something with us, do share below!

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