Beautiful Wedding Ring Trends To Follow

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Nov 20,2017

You have recently got engaged and now as you are proceeding to the important ceremonies that would tie you in a sacred and eternal bond, you would definitely be little panic about wedding arrangements. RIGHT? Well, wedding is on the cards and so the stress of getting everything on point. In race of making things amazingly awesome, there are many things that get less attention or left behind when it comes to buying your wedding stuff. Wedding rings are something that you don’t want to remove, so it has to be perfect and beautiful at the same time, which will always enhance the beauty of your hands and exhibits your personality through your subtle and scintillating ring.

This article would guide you in a right direction for buying the perfect wedding ring and unfold some amazing wedding rings that will make your D-Day superbly special, so read on to be open to the essential factors that need to be considered while choosing your wedding ring and the rings that you should go with:

A Quick Brief On Buying Perfect Wedding Ring

While buying wedding rings, you should always keep some important things in mind. Here is a list of factors that need to be considered when you are all set to buying eternity band.

  • Be specific about metal

  • Budget-friendly

  • Pick the right size

  • Shape of diamond

These are some factors that should be looked upon and once you have understood the things the need to keep in mind, it’s time now you should find the trending designs available in wedding rings:

Top Open Rings  

This one is trending this year and as we’ve already stepped in the wedding season, it’s important for you to get your hands on one, if you are all set to step in your life. As far as the design of the ring is concerned, it is timeless and the unclosed factor enhances the entire beauty of the ring. For all the brides-to-be, this design opens multiple options for you when it terms of embellishing it with stones. If you want to play around the stones, you can easily go for two different color stones, or even one same color that would boost the beauty of your top open wedding ring.

Eternity Bands

There is an array of metals available in the market that can grab couples’ eyeballs, ranging from yellow gold to platinum gold rings, all are quintessentially look cool and classy at the same time. Couples with having modern and contemporary taste, you go for platinum, white gold or even palladium (which has many benefits related to it) rings. If you are a big fan of platinum but don’t want to disturb your budget or don’t want to invest into it, palladium is an alternate option that would give a platinum look while offering you multiple factors like scratch-resistant, light in weight, and beautiful metal look.

Chevron Bands

V-shaped bands with studs are quite classic option to make, if you want to break the monotony of wearing simple and boring bands on wedding. These rings are shallow from inside but looks really rich in the design, which make a statement when worn alone.

Solitaire Rings

Single studded or solitaire rings are the most common design in wedding rings, so if you are looking for something that will look quintessentially traditional, solitaire rings are for you. Although, this is not the latest trend but the design is timeless which can’t beaten by any other design.

Oval-shaped Diamond Rings

Oval diamonds are becoming a popular alternative to both round and emerald shapes. The elongated shape is so elegant and subtle, which make your fingers look more sleek and slender. Some prefer a more elongated oval, while others prefer one that is more round. The most classic length-to-width ratio is between 1.4 to 1.6. Just watch out for the bowtie effect, which happens when light doesn’t bounce back in the middle of the stone. It leads to a dark bowtie shape across the center, so search for a stone where this effect is less pronounced.

Bond of Love

After going through the factors and designs that you need to consider while buying wedding rings for yourself, you must have got the latest ring trends that would win your heart at the first glance. Therefore, make sure you are well-versed with the designs and type of rings that would not only enhance the beauty of your wedding but also add an oomph factor to your personality.

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