All About Wedding Decor Trends of 2018

Wedding decor is the most significant part of any wedding and every couple wants to choose the different, whacky and subtly stunning decor theme to make their wedding memorable and indelible.

Here in this post, we have rounded all kinds of wedding decor trends that will suit your needs and your budget too. So read on to explore the trends that will help you in selecting and managing your wedding decorations under your budget.


All Kinds Of Wedding Decor Trends  


Bewitching Backdrops


When it comes to wedding decoration, backdrops are the first that comes to mind. This decor trend depends on your wedding theme or it can decide your wedding theme. Either way, you should make sure to keep the wedding theme and backdrops in sync even if you are indecisive about the wedding theme. Depending upon your interest, the wedding theme could be chosen from a wide variety of wedding decor themes. From floral backdrop to boho backdrops, you can give your wedding ceremony a perfect frame for your wedding pictures. It gives a proper definition of space and livens up your wedding event.


Luminous Effect (Lighting)


Lighting is an integral part of decoration and when it comes to wedding decoration, no wedding is complete without lighting. If you like lights, reduce the cost of floral and invest in lights that will lighten up the entire ambiance of the venue. Monogram lighting backdrops are quite popular for wedding decor, so it can be included if you are keeping this decor trend on for your wedding.


Outdoor Balloon Decor


Outdoor wedding ceremonies are never disheartening and balloons can add more fun element to your outdoor wedding. Depending upon the space, you can choose different sizes and colors of the balloon to make it more lively and quirky. There are some couples who don’t like putting the wedding theme subtle and classy and if you are also one of them who are seeking out the quirkiness in the wedding decoration, then this is it.


Nautical Touch


A big day on the beach is so much fun and even if you are not planning any seaside soiree, you can take all fun of it by taking nautical decor as your wedding decor. If you are not planning to make it big, colors can work for you. Try to highlight the nautical colors like blue, aqua blue, grey, off-white, green etc. in your venue decor. Apart from color, laid-back chairs, bottles, and beachside umbrella and table would work best for your wedding.


Material Matters


From the glittery world to flowery world, you can embrace any wedding theme. A sequin worked tablecloth or a floral theme for the decoration of dining area would definitely add some elegance to your wedding ceremony. No matter what theme you choose, make sure to stick a theme that will allure your guests.

Wrapping Up

After going through this post, deciding on wedding decor theme would no longer a difficult task for you. Simply comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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