When it Rains on Your Wedding Day

Rain on a wedding day is one of the biggest nightmares for a bride-to-be. Thoughts like your updo may go south and makeup would melt, are enough to make you feel restless for the day. Let’s think about the bright side of having rain on your wedding day.

You will be surprised to know that there are actually good signs that relate to the rainy wedding day. In this article, we will learn about all the good things you can get from a rainy wedding ceremony. At the end of the article, you will end up wishing for rain to bless you on the big celebration day.

Let’s delve deep into this.

Benefits of Having Rain on Your Wedding

1.       You get chance to go unique with wedding photoshoot

If you are planning to add a special factor in your wedding photographs, it’s time to call for a rainy day. We all would agree that photographs clicked on a rainy day have something different that makes them look more reviving. If you are afraid that Mother Nature may shower rainy drops on your wedding day, why not go creative with that. Instead of worrying about its aftereffects, you can think of having a theme wedding and a photoshoot with umbrellas.

There are so many romantic rainy scenes that actors have actually invented on the screen, why can’t replicate the same on your wedding day. Just talk about this with your wedding photographer and be prepared for the best.

2.       Let the flowers play their role

No matter how great your flower bouquet collection is, if getting married in hot summers, there are chances that the flower may succumb to heat. In most of the weddings, there’s a large gap between the wedding functions which is enough to affect the centerpieces and other flower décor elements.

Do not worry. This won’t happen if you witness a rainy day on your wedding. The raindrops are more likely to revive the inner sole of flowers making them look more beautiful. The cooler the temperature would be, the happier the wedding flower would appear.

3.       The rainbow factor

Nothing is better than the natural beauty. No, this is not related to the skin beauty. Here, the focus is on the beauty of Nature and its effects. No doubt, artificial lighting, beribboned ribbons, and other wedding accessories can add more value to your wedding décor, but what if you get a helping hand from the mother nature herself? How about a Rainbow?

4.       The good luck factor

There is a belief that if it rains on the wedding day, the couple is actually blessed by the Mother Nature herself. Hearing the platter of rain is actually a sign of good luck if talked about religious superstitions associated with weddings.

The good signs that you can get on a rainy wedding ceremony are as follows:

  • Sign of fertility – As we know that rain is one of the factors that helps vegetation to grow, the same principle can be applied to the bride and the groom marital life. If they experience a rainy splash on their D-day, it’s actually a good sign that indicates they are going to have a happy married life.
  • Sign of unity – “ A wet knot is too hard to untie if compared to a dry knot”, followed by this belief couples are said to be blessed for an endless relationship if they get married on a rainy day.
  • Sign of cleansing of tough times – The tiny drops of rain are believed to cleanse all the tough and sad moments from the life of the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be.
  • Sign of renewal – A fresh life, a new chapter, a new beginning, having rain on the wedding day is a sign of renewal for the couple.

The Conclusion

These were some good things that you can consider for the rainy wedding ceremonies. Even if you are not willing to plan your wedding on a rainy day, you can try to be positive if get this rainy surprise on the big day.

Just keep one thing in mind that after 20 to 30 years from your wedding day, you will have a story to tell your grandchildren entitled as A Rainy Wedding Ceremony!! 

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