The Basics of Pre-wedding Photo Shoot: Tips and Tricks

If you are about to get married and planning to get clicked on your pre-wedding photo shoot, be with us in this article. Learn about some basic pre-wedding photoshoot tips that very kind of couple should know. From "what to wear" to "what to take advantage of", you will learn about some of the essential elements of a pre-wedding photoshoot.

So, let’s get started.

Do not Hurry

Every good thing starts with a calm mind be it the wedding planning or the pre-wedding photo shoot. If you are calm and relaxed, it will reflect on your face and so on the photographs. Keeping yourself relaxed on the pre-wedding photo shoot is actually not difficult unless or until you run out of time. If you are planning to wrap up things in one day, be ready for the mediocre results at the end of the day. No matter how beautiful the shooting site is, to get a perfect shot you need to give it some time, at least 2 days. This time is sufficient for the photographer as he can experiment with the morning light, evening shadows, and a lot more. Hence, be ready with ample of time and patience when planning for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Take Advantage of the Morning Light

If you ask from the newlyweds about their pre-wedding photo shoots, you will hear that one of the best shots have been captured in the morning light. No doubt, the photographs captured in the evening are full of artificial lighting which looks nice on the photographs, but the effects you can get from the morning rays cannot be obtained from the late evening rays. Hence, keep the laziness factor out of your pre-wedding photoshoot schedule and wake up early in the morning so that you can add more spark to your pre-wedding album. Go Ahead!!

Wear Clothes that are Camera Friendly

Though your photographer will guide you best, there is no harm in being always ready. If you are a person who avoids wearing clothes with big and bold designs, it’s time to move out of your comfort zone. No doubt, you may look gorgeous in a dress which is not so bold when it comes to its designs and prints. But, when you are in front of a camera, there are some other factors that actually comes into play. Dresses with bold and large print designs appear more attractive when captured by a camera.

Hence, go ahead and try some bold prints and add more stars to your pre-wedding album.

Avoid Experimenting with your Attire

In a bid to look different in photographs, we often choose an attire which we are not comfortable with. Assuming it will look as good as it looks on someone else body type is the biggest mistake that many of the couples have made. Make sure you do not commit the same mistake. The pre-wedding photo shoot is more about capturing the expressions and less about clothing. So, wear clothes in which you feel more confident and comfortable. This is not the time when you can plan experimenting with your attire. If you haven’t tried an outfit earlier, do not risk trying it on your pre-wedding photoshoot.

The Takeaway

Looking beautiful in person and on the Camera, are two different things. Those who knew about this difference, have successfully achieved their goal of having the best pre-wedding photoshoot. If you want to fall into this category, make sure you adhere to its basic principles. Wear what you love but do not hesitate to try new designs. Please note that trying a new design and wearing a new attire are two different things. The idea here is to move out of your comfort zone to try a new design, not a new attire because, in the end, it’s all about "Confidence".

Hope this works for you.

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