How to Include Pet in your Wedding

All set to start a new life?

Bags-packed, make up-set, last minute checklist-done, but hold on, what about your cutie “Pug”? Have you planned anything for your pet? Are you going to include the pet at your wedding? 

If you have a pet, don’t be surprised when you cry leaving it alone after your wedding. Pets are considered as one of the family members, friends, siblings, and children to those who raise them. So, if you can send an invitation to all your loved ones, why not your pet?

Think including your pet in your wedding would be crazy? No, You aren’t crazy!

In fact, you can add more charm and a special factor at your wedding by letting your pet get in. All you need to do is that, be careful and creative as well while adding this special member on your big celebration day.

In this article, we will learn about some smartest ways to include your pet at your special day. You will learn about Do’s and Don’ts when planning for your pet-guest.

So, let’s get started.

Let them Save your Date

Want your pet to do the cutest thing for the day? Announce the big event from your lovable pups using the beribboned signboards. If you have more than one pet, enchanting the wedding date in the format DD/MM/YYYY would go perfectly.

Else, you’re your pup alone can also save your date for the D-day. So, go for it.

Dress them like Yours

On the wedding day, no doubt, all the eyes would be on you and your partner but, being a family member, your pet deserves the same attention and interest. In a bid to achieve that, you should dress him in a formal wedding attire. If it’s a pug, you can present him in a black suit with a shirt tie collar, or a shimmering sequin silver bowtie. And if it’s a female breed, you can dress her in a beautiful white fairy tale or floral dress.

You will find plenty of pet dresses for the wedding day. Either go out and shop for some cute stuff for your pet or browse the internet for formal wedding dresses for pets.

All in all, dress your pet in a way that lets them be a part of your occasion.

Wedding Photoshoots with your Pet

If you have a pet, you wedding photoshoot is incomplete without your pet. Let them in your wedding photoshoot and lock those precious moments for years.

Having a photoshoot with a pet is actually in trend. Many couples include their beloved pets in their wedding photoshoots, post them on Instagram and Facebook pages, and get lots of hearts, thumbs up, and emojis.

Why not you try the same on your big celebration day? Your wedding photographer can suggest you how to pose, creative wedding photoshoots with pets, and lots more.

How about a photoshoot in which your pet is holding two hands, one is yours and others is your partner?

There’s a lot that you can try with the photoshoot and believe us it would add more charm to your wedding album.

You can also include your pet in your pre-wedding photo shoot and movie. People are getting crazy for the pre-wedding movie and including your pet in the video, would take it to the next level.

Thank You Cards from Pups

Now, this is something that can amaze your guests. You might have seen Thank You cards coming from the bride and the groom side. Have you ever heard a Thank You Card coming from the side of their pet? No, you may not.

Why not try this in your case. Get the Thank You card printed with personalized wording right from your pets.

How about this one:

From Our Pups to Yours!

Thank you for spending this special day with our humans!

All you need is love and a Dog“

The Conclusion

There’s a lot more that you can try with your pets. All those who have a pet know the depth of the emotional bond between the pets and the humans. Let’s make it stronger by including our dearest pets in our wedding.

They deserve to be there!

Hope this works you. Leave us a comment to share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

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