10 Questions to Ask the Wedding DJs

No party is complete without a music. If you want your guests to tap on the beats of soul-thrilling music, hire a professional DJ and band for your D-day. To help you select the best wedding DJ, we have come up with top 10 questions to ask when hiring for your wedding party.

Have a look at them.

Are you available on my wedding date?

Start with this basic question and be sure with the availability of DJ on your wedding day. Ask him whether he is performing somewhere else on this date or not? If yes, make sure he has enough time to reach your wedding venue and perform his best to woo your guests.

Are you comfortable with my wedding venue?

If you are planning to get married at a unique location, make sure you ask your DJ or Band for the same. Discuss with him about the wedding venue details so that he can get an idea where to reach and how to reach on time.

How long have you been in this profession?

It’s no secret that many young DJs are emerging as Rockstar who can take your wedding party to the next level but, hiring an experienced DJ replaces the “can” factor to “do” ones. An experienced DJ ensures you that your wedding will have awesome music and your guests are going to enjoy the night, for sure. So, ask about his experience as a professional DJ before hiring for your wedding party.

Do you work on an hourly basis?

Most of the couples hire a DJ on an hourly basis. If you too want to do that, ask the DJ in advance. Let him know when to start and when to wrap up the show. At this point of time, you can also clear about the hourly cost that the DJ would be charging and compare the same with other DJs as well.

How many wedding have you witnessed?

Knowing the number of weddings performed by the DJ reassures you of his demand and work experience. The more the wedding he has performed, the more seamless his performance would be on your big celebration day.

What is your forte?

You might have your own playlist that you would be playing at your wedding party. Ask your DJ about his forte to check whether he can perform well on your playlist or not?

Will you perform alone or in a group(Band)?

When it comes to a wedding party, some DJs prefer to perform in a group rather than playing music individually. Though this won’t affect the aura of your wedding night but can add a little more to your budget aligned for DJ and music. To avoid that ask the DJ whether he is going to perform alone or in a group.

Are you comfortable with late night performance?

Parties like the bridal shower, bachelor’s party, and the wedding reception party usually last longer until midnight. Ask your DJ is he comfortable to perform late night for such parties or not? If yes, will it add to the overall cost or not?

Have you ever performed at this wedding venue?

Hiring a DJ who has previously performed at your wedding venue is a plus point. Since the DJ has performed at that venue, he might be aware of the pros and cons of the party hall. He would know where to perform and how to attract guests seated on different corners of the hall.

Can you show me some references where I can contact?

Word mouth is a great way to judge one’s capabilities and if you get a chance to try the same, just for it. Ask your DJ if he can show some of the references where you can contact for his feedback. Doing so, you will get to know how good he has been in his work and how satisfied couples were with this performance?

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