Planning the Park Wedding Ceremony

Choosing a wedding venue is not an easy task, especially when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony. In this article, we will learn about one of the outdoor wedding venues i.e. the park wedding ceremony, and discuss its key elements in detail.

Let’s get started with the park wedding ceremony.

Venue Audit

Before you settle down on a park site, make sure you have visited the same several times a day. Here, we are talking about visiting the wedding ceremony site at the different point of time, especially the season in which you are getting married. Doing so, you will be able to track site’s pros and cons and come up with a Plan B, accordingly.

Most of the outdoor weddings happen at daytime wherein sunlight, placement of guest, officiant, wedding cake matters a lot. Visiting the park site several times a day helps you decide the perfect seatings for your guests so that they can focus more on your wedding than late-afternoon sun-rays.

Apart from this, check whether the venue has ample of parking facility or not? Afterall it’s your wedding and you won’t want your guests to be a part of traffic jam outside the venue.

Park Permit

Once you are done with the site audit, it’s time to ask for the park permit. Reach out to park administration and see if they allow weddings in their area or not? If yes, go through the rules and regulations and other paperwork. Make sure you have read all the terms and conditions before settling the venue.

Also, ask the administration if you can bring in chairs, play music, and other essential stuff at the venue. Be clear about the post-wedding cleaning charges as most of the wedding parks charge a considerable fee for garbage cleaning.

The Weather

This is the biggest challenge that all outdoor weddings face. If you do not want to have a rain-soaked wedding ceremony, be ready with a plan B when having a bad weather day. You can consider renting tents for one day or ask your friends residing close to the wedding venue for help. In any case, make sure your guests are aware of such immediate changes.

Print the details of Plan B on the invitation card so that the guests won’t find any difficulty in reaching the wedding venue.

The Wedding Attire

Every bride wants to look the best on her wedding day and she truly deserves that. If planning for a park wedding ceremony, you need to think again when choosing the wedding attire. Most of the bridal dresses are full of glitter and spark that actually makes the bride stand out from the crowd. This looks awesome for the late evening parties, not the daytime wedding.

As you are planning a daytime wedding, adhere to a simple non-glittery gown instead of heavy and grand wedding dress. Always keep in mind that the groom attire depends on what you wear so, dress wisely to look like a perfect match.

Religious Exception

If traditions are to be followed, weddings are supposed to take place in the church. Keep this in mind before settling into an outdoor wedding venue. Talk to the priest whether he is ready to attend the park wedding ceremony or want an exception?

Outdoor Wedding Decor

The best part about the park wedding ceremonies is that you need not think much on the wedding décor. The wedding venue surrounded by the natural beauty will look great even in less or no lighting. You can actually save a small fortune on lighting and use the same on furniture and flowers.

You can go creative by using the signboards to direct guests at the main location. To stop unwanted attendees, use ribbons or tents to separate the wedding area from the remaining park.

The Conclusion

These are the few things you should know when planning a park wedding ceremony. Hope this works for you.

In case you have any query, feel free to share with us. We would love to hear from you.

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