5 Ways to Plan your Wedding on a Small Budget

Planning a wedding is not a one day task. It doesn’t matter how long have you been preparing for the big day, you will see yourself moving here and there for small and big things even on the night before your wedding. This happens to all couples and you are not alone.

But, when it comes to planning a wedding on a small budget, things really get tougher. More time, more efforts, more planning, is required except MONEY!!

In this article, we will discuss how you can get more facilities in less budget for your wedding.

A small budget wedding does happen and people love to be a part of such weddings. If you ask the newly-wed couples who actually experienced this, you will hear only one thing, We did it!

It’s tough to plan a wedding within certain budget limits, but it’s definitely not a rocket science that you cannot do. All you need is, smart planning and proper guidance.

In the content of this article, we will try to deliver both.

So, let’s get started.

Things to Do to Plan a Small Budget Wedding 

1. Put a limit to your guest count

Do not get carried away in the excitement of your big day. If you want to plan a wedding within your budget, you cannot invite everyone. It is important that you cut down our guest count by 20 to 30 percent each time you revise the number of attendants. This will help you save money, and make your wedding more personalized and intimate.

2. Choose an affordable yet unique venue for celebration

Discover new locations that are yet to discover as wedding venues and be the first one to get married at a unique place. Doing so, you will actually have two advantages; first, the cost of such less-known places is quite low as compared to popular wedding venues. Secondly, your wedding will witness the discovery of a new wedding place which may become popular in coming years. You never know!

3. Choose a less popular day for your wedding

Now, this is something that can bring a significant impact on your budget. If you are planning the wedding on a popular season or a day, there won’t be any place that you can book at an affordable rate. On the other hand, if you push the wedding date to some offseason time, even the popular venue will look a little expensive to you.

This really works. So, try to fix your wedding date in less popular wedding seasons like autumn, spring, or winters, and avoid summers.

Tip: Choose weekdays rather than weekends for your wedding. Doing so, you may see comparatively fewer guests at your wedding, but if you don’t want to cross the budget line, this might actually be a plus.

So, choose your wedding date wisely, and save money for other things.

4. Cut down the gap between the wedding ceremony and reception

In most of the cases, there’s a huge gap between the wedding ceremony and the reception which cannot work for your case. You should either have your wedding and reception in the morning or at lunch. Doing so, you will see a drop in the overall cost, at every aspect of the wedding. This is a smart trick to save a lot of money.

5. Be true to yourself

The wedding day should be more about you and your would-be. Other things like guests, décor, venue, attire etc, comes later. All those planning to wed on a small budget should understand this fact first.

If you both are satisfied with a small, intimate, and relaxed wedding, make sure you invite your guests accordingly. Sometimes, even a $10,000 wedding can satisfy your guests if you focus more on the personal touch and less on expensive décor and meals.

So, be true to yourself. This is what your loved ones actually want to see, a happy you!!

The Bottom Line

Every wedding is different because it happens with different people, environment, and goals. Some couples love to showcase their available funds on the wedding day, and some love to celebrate their day to enjoy a relaxed and intimate wedding.

So, if you want to save a small fortune on your wedding, use the above tips and tricks while planning your wedding. If you feel there’s something that should be on the list, do let us know in the comment section.

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