Some Modern Wedding Traditions That Are Replacing The Old

Earlier, weddings were all about traditions and mostly all the weddings were used to be same as one another. Modern couples today are opting to carve their own path by personalizing their day and question the traditions involved. Here are some of the wedding traditions we have been seeing cropping up recently. Check these out:


Colored Wedding Dresses


More and more brides these days are opting for colored gowns rather than a traditional white one. Nude, blush, champagne, and metallics are some of the most popular options.


Fewer Diamond Rings and More Alternative Options


Of course, diamond is forever and many couples still go for the traditional diamond ring as an engagement ring. Though, more and more couples recently are also choosing alternative stones such as sapphire, morganite, ruby, emerald, aquamarine, and more, thanks to the much-hyped Royal Weddings. The beauty of such stone engagement rings is that they can be less expensive as compared to traditional diamond rings, especially when talking about bigger stones with higher clarity.


A trend of Unplugged Weddings


Now, this must be a new term for you but unplugged weddings are recently very much the norm with more and more modern couples going for this trend. In an unplugged wedding, the couples allow people to take pics, live tweet and scroll through their social media feed during the reception, but not during the ceremony. Many couples are even having guests “check-in” their phones/cameras and tablets before the ceremony in order to avoid anyone snapping pictures of them mid-vows or blocking the photographer with their iPad.


Bride and Groom Getting Ready Together


Modern couples these days are living together before marriage, and many of them are choosing to even stay together the night prior to the wedding or even getting ready together for the wedding, which seems really sweet. When your partner is right there with you, it becomes a lot harder to be nervous. However, if this is way too much for you, you can also go for a first look photo shoot which is still very much in.


More and More Brides Making Speeches


Brides making speeches on their own wedding day used to be a bit taboo earlier, but nowadays, we are seeing more and more brides opting to make a speech at their reception! Also, many bridesmaids are stepping up and giving a speech more often, as well as, modern couples opting to have an “open mic” where the MC will let anyone who would like to say a few words for the amazing couple.




These days, a majority of couples are getting married in their late 20’s while still focusing on their careers. Because of this, many couples aren’t heading off on their honeymoon right away anymore and opting for staycations or mini-moons rather than an extended honeymoon so that they can get back to work instantly or as soon as possible.

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