Deliciously Edible Wedding Escort Card Ideas

Once you have invested in the wedding invitations, it is time now that you think about the wedding escort card ideas that will lead your guests to their respective seats. There are a plenty of wedding escort ideas that grab your guests’ attention; however, edible wedding escort card ideas is a unique concept to let your guests find their seat and table after the wedding ceremony.

Although, there are some classic seating cards which are typically just pieces of card with the guest’s name to guide them to their assigned table. This is the traditional way to escort your guests; however, it is not necessarily important to adopt this way for your big day. Here in this post, we rounded up a few of the delicious edible wedding escort card ideas to lead your guests to their reception seats.

Effective Edible Wedding Escort Card Ideas

Nowadays, couples are more inclined towards the unique and incredibly creative ideas that add uniqueness to their wedding ceremony while saving paper and money simultaneously. To plan a delightful wedding seat arrangement,  here are some super awesome wedding escort ideas that are edible or even drinkable after the ceremony is over. From fresh fruits to sweet candies, here are some ideas to get you started:

Seasonal Fruits- Apple or Peach

Super affordable fruits give your idea a pop of bright colors while offering health benefits to your guests. Apart from this, they are quite easy to carry to home if they are not interesting having it there during the event. To give a clear idea about the fruits, you can include apples, cherries, peaches, and oranges that are perfect for this wedding formality.

Sugar-Coated Biscuits- Macarons

Macarons are the perfect example of wedding escort card idea. These frosted biscuits are scrumptiously delicious and look as good as they taste. This one option can never go to waste as it comes in a gift pack which can easily be carried to home.

Beautiful and Purposeful- Olive Bottles

These small olive bottles look too cute and beautiful whether placed on the dining table or in the kitchen. This will definitely catch your guests’ attention, so tag your guests’ name around the neck of the bottle and let them carry it to their home.

Colorful - Sugar-Coated Candies

Who on the earth wouldn’t like to munch on some sweet candies? So, candies as a wedding card option can never go wrong and the guests won’t feel bored when they seat in their seats. Instead, they can eat all the entire jar filled with these candies throughout the evening. All you have to choose small jars and fill them up with some colorful sugar-coated candies that will direct your guests to their reserved seats.

Classic Choice- Champagne Glasses  

Spill the beans of your party through these champagne glasses. This is one of the most classic options when it comes to wedding card ideas. Champagne filled glasses give your guests a head start to party and let them raise a toast to the bride and groom before they can take them to home. So, impress your guests with this idea and let the party go on.

Wrapping Up

All the above-mentioned ideas would lead your guests to their reserved seats, so choose your favorite one to get your wedding party started will all fun and craze. Do let us know your thoughts about this post in the below comment section. 

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