Top Wedding Invitation Trends Of 2018

Wedding invite plays a vital role in making or breaking your entire wedding plan since they are the very first way through which guests could get an idea of your entire wedding event. It is a way a guest can have an idea of how the event is going to be. Just give a thought to the fact that an invite can change your guest’s mind with its design and pattern. So, keeping this in mind, it is quintessentially important for you to choose an invite that describes and complements your wedding theme.

Moreover, it should be well described and creatively beautiful to meet your class and style.  To select the trendy and latest wedding invitation, you have to be updated with the latest and best wedding invitation trends that can guide to find the best design of your style.

Best Wedding Invitation Trends

Creatively Cool- Calligraphy Font

Over the years, handwritten fonts have gained popularity when it comes to wedding invites. So it’s time to bring a change in the way of your presentation by including calligraphy font to your wedding cards. Forget the artistic motifs and subtle patterns and add some creativity and innovation to your cards through this latest trend. This trend clearly tells the beauty of pretty penmanship through which it defines the art of giving form to expressions and emotions in an expressive and skillful manner. Just in case, if you're not a big fan of this font or you are yet not convinced with it, then try out this out in your names.

Wonderous Watercolor Art

One of the best and subtle ways of giving dimensions to your invite is through this modern trend -watercolors. The strokes of vibrantly vivid colors add bold and romantics vibes to card when it is accompanied with pastel hues. The watercolor transforms the entire look of your card making it to look more subtle and classic with a dash of radiant vibes. If you want to maintain the balance of style and quirkiness in your card, make sure to choose the design and pattern that meets your requirement.

Metallic & Dark Tone

Color combination is something that you can’t compromise with, so it is really important to choose the color theme that suits your personality. When it comes to wedding color theme, metallic shade is quite popular with muted shades of copper and rose gold that grabs all the attention in a card. This color theme is trending these days for wedding cards, if you are planning to get your invites printed do include this trend to make it look more attractive give your card a dark base so that it can be highlighted and more invisible just a royal invite.  

Geometric Grace

Plain and simple invitations are so yesterday, so take on a lead by including geometric design into your wedding invitation. Adding geometric prints on the corners or leaving the corners plain of the card can add an extra element to your basic invite. Do some creativity by combining the graphics with vivid colors to create a magic through your invitation. This wedding invitation trend is an ideal for those couples who love patterns.  

Wrapping Up

If you are on the verge of finalizing your wedding invitation and too baffled with the multiple options available for wedding cards, then it’s the best post you have just read about the wedding invitation trends of 2018. So try out these trends to make your wedding card look astonishingly impressive.

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