Frequently Asked Questions on Wedding Invitation Wording

One of the most important elements of the wedding is the Wedding Invitation”. This is the official gateway through which you blow the trumpet of your big day. From design to the wording, every element used in the wedding invitation reflects the persona of your visual impression. The way you invite the guests, the tonality of the invitation wording, the format, and the design play a significant role in your wedding.

If you are planning to design a wedding invitation but confused what to include and what not, let us help. In this article, learn about some frequent questions on wedding invitation wording. Learn how to include relevant information on your invitation without hurting the sentiments of your guests.

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What is the right time to send the wedding invitations?

Ideally, it depends on the type of wedding ceremony you are planning to throw. If you are planning a destination wedding, the guests should be invited at least 3 months before the wedding day. Doing so, you would be giving your guests enough time to schedule a day or two for the big celebration day. After all, you won’t want your loved ones to miss this day just because they did not receive the invitation on time. In the other case, if you are getting married in a local town or the place nearby to your residence, send the invitations before 7 weeks of the wedding day.


What should be the deadline for RSVPs?

Every wedding invitation comes with an RSVP deadline which is nothing but the last date by which one can respond to the invitation. This is actually a method to confirm one’s presence for the event. When planning for the RSVP date, make it at least two to three weeks before the wedding date. Doing so, you will get enough time to finalize the final head count, seating chart, and other essential things.

How to inform guests that children are not invited?


If you are planning to have an adults-only wedding, you can add this information to your wedding website. If you find that some of your guests have included the name of their children on the response cards, let them know about the “no kids” wedding either by call or personal visit (if possible). Make sure you tell them with the right gesture so that they won’t feel ignored. Another thing to consider for the adults-only wedding is, hiring a babysitter if there are a lot of kids in your family. At one point, you can ask your guests not to bring their children to the wedding but, you cannot ask this to your family members. If you live in a joint family, you might be having a lot of children. You cannot say a NO to children of your own family. In this case, hiring a babysitter can save you.


How to tell guests that the reception is only for immediate family members?

We do not recommend you go for reception only invitations. A wedding ceremony involves lots of emotions that are not limited to you and your immediate family members. It holds equal importance and value for the guests who are going to attend your wedding day. Inviting a guest for only one function not the other reflects that you do not want to bear his per plate cost, and his absence on some of the wedding functions holds no importance to you. This does not sound well, Right? So, better to invite a few, if you want to become choosy on wedding invitations, rather than inviting more people for fewer occasions.


The Takeaway


These were a few things that you should keep in mind when designing a wedding invitation. The wording and the tonality can affect your invitation both in a good and a bad way. It depends entirely on you, how you play with the words.

A wedding invitation with the right wording can inspire the guests to attend the wedding with an open heart, whereas the incorrect method to put information on the wedding invitation can change the purpose of the invite. Hence, it’s better to think twice when writing the wedding invitation wording or take help from the professionals.

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