How to Create a Wedding Guest List

Creating a guest list is one of the hardest yet important elements of wedding planning. It’s your big day and you might be looking for every loved one around you and wish you for a new life. Wedding Guest list is all about coming with the names that deserve to be there at your wedding and skipping the less important names.

Looks simple?? No, it’s not.

It’s more complicated that you can imagine. There’s a lot to consider and reconsider when making the final guest list for your wedding and in this article, we will learn all that in detail.

Be with us to dig deep into the ultimate guide to create a wedding guest list.

Drafting a guest list

Start with your immediate family members. Take out a pen and a paper and write down names of all the immediate family members on it. This includes your aunt, uncle, cousins, In-laws, grandchildren etc. Once you are done, proceed further with close family members followed by close friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Cutting names

This is the next step wherein you will have to decide whom to send a wedding invitation and whom not? For this, you will require to cut down a few names from your guest list (drafted in step-1) based on a priority level.

Getting confused?

Let’s learn this in detail. If you are living in a small family, take help from the rule of thumb while making your guest list. The rule says, if one aunt gets an invitation, all of your aunts need to get an invitation. The same goes for other family members.

What about the large-extended family members?

In this case, you should focus more on cutting names than on joggling between first cousin, second names. This will make your guest list less bulky and more personal. Write the names that are most important to you so that you can have some space for your best buddies too.

Extra Guests

It’s no secret that your wedding would be the most important day in your life. But, do not forget about your parents and grandparents who have the same feeling emotions attached to your wedding day. If you are excited about inviting your loved ones on your big celebration day, they would also be looking for the same.

You mom would be planning to invite her kitty team on your wedding, your father would be looking for his business partner name on the invitation card, and your sibling’s close friends and colleagues would be planning to rock the wedding party at the fullest. So, make sure you give that extra space for these guests too.

To know about the exact number of guests, you can ask for a family meeting and ask the family members for extra names from their side. This will give you an idea about the extra guest seating and arrangements.

Payback the favor

Most of the couples get confused at this point. If you had attended a friend’s wedding years ago, you might feel adding his/her name on your guest list, not because she/he is important but you want to return the favor.

If you too are struggling with this kind of thoughts, use a trick. If you were invited to a wedding 4-5 years ago, you need not invite the person on yours even if you were a bridesmaid. However, if you were invited to a wedding in the past 12 months, make sure to invite the couple to your wedding as well.

The Conclusion

These were the few things that you must consider when making a wedding guest list. Starting with the basics to returning the favor, we have tried to cover all the important aspects of the wedding invitation.

Do try them and let us know about the feedback. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share with us. You can leave your suggestions in the comment section below.  We will revert at the earliest.

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