Quirky Ways For Saying "Thank You" To Your Wedding Guests

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For every couple, wedding is such a big event that you can’t skip your important people who hold a crucial space in your life. No matter, if you have an intimate gathering of close family or you’ve invited everyone you know to your wedding, your guests deserve some sort of appreciation that would be alive in the memories whenever they recall your wedding day. These days, it is trending that your guests deserve a token of remembrance or love in form of a “Thank you” cards. They are always necessary after the wedding, but there are also some things you can do on your wedding day to say a big, heartfelt thank you to your wedding guests.

Here in this article, you would come to know about some quirky and original ways for appreciating your guests’ presence at your wedding. So read on to understand the best ways of saying “Thank You” to your special guests.

Whimsical “The Welcome” Baskets

This is something best suits with people who have to travel a long way or are staying in a hotel. Treating them with a cute little welcome basket would give them a kind gesture that your guests will appreciate. If you find in the market, you can find these attractive welcome baskets available at the most reasonable prices.

Kind Note Cards

A well-thought-out note thanking all of your guests for joining you on your special day is such a lovely way to show your guests how much you appreciate them. The note can be on the back of ceremony programs, on each table at the reception, or as a sign posted for everyone to see.

Give A Toast To Your Family And Friends

At one point in the night you will probably give a toast and thank all of your guests for coming, but if you’ve invited a large number of people to the wedding, it’s nice to take the time to thank your family and close friends individually. You can keep this toast short and sweet, but giving a special shout-out to those who mean the most to you and have gone above and beyond in helping you plan the special day will mean a lot to them.

Provide Them With Great Music

An easy way to thank your guests for joining you on your wedding is to give them a great time! When planning your reception, think about the overall guest experience. Entertainment can include an excellent DJ, a game room for those who don’t like to dance, an open bar with fun cocktails, and a photobooth station for guests to capture funny memories. The gift of a great party will show your guests how much effort you put into making the night special for everyone, and they’ll be very grateful for how much you care.

Save Time Gifting Japanese Origami

 You are in the process of planning the most important celebration/party of your life. Like most engaged couples, you could probably use help in navigating through the numerous decisions that need to be made. Don’t spend hours of your time searching for the information and vendors you need! Japanese origami necklaces are the perfect thing to gift your guests. It a favor for those special ladies who really helped make your day truly unique and amazing – an elegant silver crane necklace with a crystal in one of your wedding colors. Cranes are full of meaning when it comes to weddings as they symbolize loyalty and good luck, so it’s a beautiful way of saying Thank you.


Wrapping Up

The aforementioned thank you ideas have been shared with you to greet your guests with the best “Thank You” ways possible. If you have anything you want to share with us, do comment below to let others know your innovative ideas on it!

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