9 Wedding Shower Gifts for Couples

away wedding Shower Gifts for Couples

In this article, learn about top wedding shower gifts that couples will actually use. The whole idea of having a couple’s shower is to shower the bride with a couple of things that she can use at her new home. Get ideas what to gift and what not.

Breakfast tray

We all have loved those lazy mornings when we want to stay longer in the bed and our would-be shower the love by serving the breakfast on the bed. That’s the beauty of a breakfast tray. If you want the would-be couple to enjoy the same time, gift them a Breakfast try on couple’s shower party. Maybe they have just missed it on their checklist and this gift can become a savior.

Picnic basket kit

The picnic basket is something that the couple can enjoy for a lifetime. No matter where the newly-wed is planning to go out, this mini picnic basket will help them organize easy to carry stuff and food. You can put all essential things like a pair of a hand towel, perfume, a short note, and flowers into the basket and wrap it with glittering paper and ribbons.

Wine & cheese cooler

This is another unique couple shower gifting idea that will actually stand out from all the wedding gifts. If the couple is getting married in Hot Summers, help them save money by buying a Wine Cooler. The coolers are available in different color and material, choose the one that suits the occasion and your pocket, of course. They’re going to use it for the next 3-4 summer seasons.

Mason jars

Mason jars are in trend so, why not gift the same on the Couple’s shower party? A pair of mason jars with engraved “Her’ and “His” will be a perfect gift for this occasion. Just go for that and surprise them with this cute gift.

Plush blanket

If the couple is getting married in Winters, gifting a warm, soft, and scratch-resistant plush blanket will be a good fit for the occasion. As they are going to start a new life, this plush blanket will be a great addition to their wardrobe.

Wine glasses

Gifting a pair of wine glasses is the most common wedding gift that you can think about. How about going creative on this side? You can actually engrave the name of the bride and the groom on the wine glasses and gift them on their couple’s shower party. You can also try writing “Bride” and “Groom” or “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Right” on the glasses. No doubt, they’d have already added a pair of wine/whiskey glasses on their checklist, not the one we are talking about.

Bold bedding

Red is the color of love and romance. That is why the newly-wed couple always ensures to have enough stuff in this color to keep this feeling of love stays longer. You can also help them maintain the same spirit by gifting bold bedding in red color. Go out and shop for some vibrant colors bedding sheets. Choose colors of love for the bride-to-be and her would be. They will love to see another red in their wardrobe.

Casserole set

This is something that a bride will love to have at her wedding but you can gift the same on the couple’s shower party. The main motto of couple’s shower is to gift some useful things that the bride can use at her new home and casserole set matches this need very well. You can gift her an 8-piece or 12-piece casserole set (depending on your budget) so that she can serve hot food to her husband and family members at her new home. She can later thank you for a dinner/lunch served in the same casserole set.

Personalized wooden cutting board

You might have seen plenty of wooden cutting board in the market but have you ever thought of gifting the same on your best friend’s bridal shower? Gifting a plain wooden cutting board may seem a dull idea but how about giving a personal touch to it?

Yes, you heard it right. Here, we are talking about a personalized wooden cutting board that not only help her cut veggies, cheese, fruits etc., easily but gives her an aww feeling each time she uses it. Engrave her name along with her husband name on the cutting board and see the magic.




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