Simple Walking Ways To Lose Weight Before You Exchange Rings

Are you just a few days away from your big day? It becomes quite important for both the couples to be in shape and stay fit before they exchange the wedding bands. Just in case for the couples who have recently gained weight, this post will guide them on how to get back to the wafer-thin figure. The only way to do is lose weight by walking which is not a new method to reduce extra packs. Therefore, read on to explore more of the things.


Tips To Lose Weight By Simple Walking Ways


If you are still debating can walking help you lose weight, rest assured this low-intensity workout can work wonders for your figure. Learn about how to lose weight by walking in the best way. You will find walking to lose weight fast is not a tall uphill task but an achievable one! Follow these super simple tips to walk your way to fitness:


1. Choosing The RIGHT Shoes 


Well, it is the only equipment needed for walking (unless you are hanging around on the beach). Walking shoes come with flexible soles and tough heels. The idea is to prevent side-to-side motion. Flat surfaces need shoes with low-heels that are cushioned, comfortable, and lightweight.


2. Sip Green Tea After Walking


According to Brazilian scientists, “participants” who drank 3 cups of green tea every day for 7 days had fewer cell damage caused by resistance to exercise. This means sipping a hot cuppa green tea is one of the easiest steps to lose weight after a brisk walk.


3. Great Playlist For Long Walks


Before lacing up your sneakers, think of the songs you would like to hear while walking. A great soundtrack playing in your ears will motivate you to cover a greater distance when you are walking for weight loss. And you know what? This way you won’t even notice the extra effort you are putting in. The message – groove your way to fitness.


4. Walk Before Breakfast 


The best way to lower your body fat percentage is to walk soon after waking up. Since your body is in a calorie-deficit mode, it will stimulate the fat-burning ability of your body. Isn’t walking to lose weight fast making massive sense now?


5. Brisk Walk


Imagine you are walking at the airport. That’s the way I would like to define “Walking briskly”. Walking around 3.5 miles per hour will burn around 300 calories every 60 minutes. And you will notice the results yourself.


6. Keep Drinking Water While Walking


Drink Water- A good tip to Lose Weight Walking. According to researchers, upping water intake by about 6 cups a day would burn an extra 17,400 calories over the course of the year. This means a weight loss of 5 pounds approximately.


Wrapping Up

As you are now open to the best walking ways that could help you in shedding your extra bags, so waiting, start doing today to get benefited. Do comment below!

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