Elegant Engagement Makeup Looks

For some women, an engagement ceremony is equally important as a wedding to them; however, there are many women who consider their engagement as a less important day on which she will get to meet her future family at a place. Fortunately or unfortunately, if you are the one who falls in none of the categories, then we would suggest you for consider a day in which you can have an actual experiment of your makeup look. A lot of women get baffled about their makeup looks as they are less sure about the makeup looks that they have never experienced before and apparently, they want to look gorgeously amazing with her head-to-toe engagement look.


If your wedding is just around the corner, then it is obvious that you are all set for the decoration, attire, and event with the food. However; makeup look is something that is dependent upon the color of the dress. Therefore, if you are done with the engagement dress shopping, it is a high time when you can decide the best engagement looks that would make you look like an angel of the fairy tale.


We have extended our helping hand to suggest some of the trendy and best engagement makeup looks that will catch all the eyeballs.  Here is the list of suggested makeup look that you should consider for your engagement day.


Look Pretty In Plush


Baby pink or pink color for makeup can never go wrong. So, if you are still indecisive about the color you should go with pink makeup touch is something that suits well with all colors. This plush look will add beauty to your look and moreover, it will complement your feminine look as well.


Smokey Eyes For Sultry Look


Want to look sexy, sultry and subtle at the same time? Smokey eyes are the key to get it for you. Without any second thought, simply go for the smokey eyes as it will add an extra edge to your subtle and classy look. If you are choosing this one, make sure to add some glitter to it to make it more lively and ravishing.


Go Bold With Blood Red Lipstick


Just imagine you are walking down the aisle with some pastel colors (which are quite an option for a classy and gorgeous look), blood red lipstick with complementing your entire look with a dash of elegance and boldness.  So get ready to astonish other with the bold and beautiful looks that you will get from the redness of your lipstick.


Metallic Magic


Play with metallic magic! Simply add some sparkle to your stunning eyes to catch all the eyeballs. This would work best for the women having big eyes with long eyelashes. So, if you having big eyes, don’t hesitate to include this one in your engagement makeup.


Nude or Natural Look


Are you not a big fan of makeup? No worries as you can go for the nude makeup that is fast catching up the trend. This one suits best with the white colored gown as it stabilizes the entire look and makes you look elegant and classy even in simple dress.


Stay High With Highlights


If you are blessed with the sharp features or well- defined jawline, then contouring would be a total turn off for your sharp and defined features. Highlights would be better option to enhance your already sharp features and even outs the sharpness of your features.


Contoured Look for Charismatic Charm


Do you have a round face with not-so-sharp features? Contouring makeup technique is an amazing option for enhancing and sculpturing the structure of your face. Well, this technique shapes your features and make it look thinner and edgy once it is done. While doing it, make sure to do it in a professional way, else it will look darker on your face.



As you know all the makeup looks and techniques that should be considered for engagement look, so what are you waiting for? All you need is to choose your makeup look and get ready for that killer look you have been dreaming of for long time. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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