Best Ways To Subsume Unique and Personal Touches Into Your Wedding Ceremony

While it’s easy to plan your reception exactly how you want, a wedding ceremony has so much tradition that it can be hard to add any unique ideas. While wedding traditions are often very meaningful and important to the ceremony, it’s a good idea to add some personal touches! Your ceremony should always speak for you and your partner and it is the time to show your friends and family who you are as a couple.

We have revealed some of the best ways to include some things that would just not be personal but unique as well to make your wedding ceremony, a BIG MEMORABLE DAY! So, read on to exposed to the ways that could create some unforgettable magical moments around your wedding.


Include Letters From Loved Ones


While we all want our loved ones to be present at our special day to join in our celebrations and share some precious time with us; however, sometimes people are unable to show their presence at the event. Therefore, if you want to skip this situation and wants to know their availability for the event in advance, simply ask them to write a letter or film a video so they can be included in the ceremony. Adding lovely message from your beloved ones is a great way to make the ceremony feel unique and personal.

Special Note: Letters with some special moments always get noticed, so don’t forget to mention about some special moment.

Plant A Tree Together

Planting a tree together during the ceremony shows unity, as the tree will grow, eventually, you would realize the growth and love of your relationship. Apart from this, it is also a symbol of your love. While planting a tree is perfect for an outdoor wedding, potting a plant works just as well for an indoor wedding. This can become a yearly custom for couples with children. Potting and watering a plant as a family is a great way for the children to be a part of the ceremony, and symbolizes a family uniting as one.

Special Note: This practice depicts the growth of your relationship and also helps in making environment go GREEN!


Modern Handfasting  


For those who are not well-versed with this, handfasting is an old ritual that symbolizes the joining of two lives by binding the couple’s hands together with ribbon. However, these days, this tradition is being used in weddings with a slight twist to make the ritual more personal. Couples with a child together may choose to use the child’s baby blanket as the ribbon, symbolizing their family coming together. While, other couples use items from relatives who have passed away, such as a grandmother’s scarf or grandfather’s tie, to honor loved ones and incorporate those who are no longer with them into the ceremony.

Special Note: Handfasting can be a lovely, heartfelt ceremony within your marriage ceremony, so make it big and memorable with help of pictures.


Save Time Planning With Wedding Planners


You are in the process of planning the most important celebration of your life and you surely wouldn’t like to ruin the precious time that you could spend with your beloved ones. Like most engaged couples, you probably want to invest time in hiring the best wedding planner since there are many wedding planners available; however, do not spend hours of your time searching for the information and vendors you need! The best wedding planner is designed to be your main resource for local products and services, saving you time and putting everything you need at your fingertips.

Special Note: To hire the best wedding planner, make sure to research online to narrow down the list of wedding planner available in the town.



Now, when you have a fair idea on how to adding unique and personal touches to your wedding, you don’t have to wait for anything else. So what are you waiting for, inspire yourself from this article and see the difference? If in case, you have anything to share, please comment below!

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