Things you can Relate when Expecting a Wedding Proposal

Dreaming, let me correct, daydreaming is one of the best time pass games that every girl loves to play and when it comes to playing with thoughts, she loves them even more. This is exactly what happened when a girl expects a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. From “How would I React” to “How would I Share this Emotion on my Insta page”, she actually thinks of every possibility that she can have on that day.

Getting the same vibes? Be with us in this article and see how others feel when going through the same phase of life. Here are some of the most common thoughts you can relate to if ever expected a proposal from your love.

So, let’s get started.

How should I react?

Seeing your “Mr. Right” on his knees, asking you to be her better-half for the rest of the life is no less than a dream. This is the point when your years-long relationship would get a turn on a lifelong journey so, you might be wondering how to make it one of the best moments of your life. The way you react and Say “Yes, I Do” will be a part of this moment and you would not want it to go casual, right?

That’s the reason why every girl goes through this thought “How would she react when getting a wedding proposal from the lover of her life?”. If your mind is racing with the same thought, go ahead girl, you are not alone.

Do I need to schedule a regular manicure?

Getting a wedding proposal is getting a “Ring”. OMG! What if I did not have a manicure on that day. What if my hands look dull? My Nails…..I need to quit my nail biting habit forever.

Thoughts like this would definitely hit your mind if you are expecting him to propose you soon. To be honest, it’s good to be concerned about your hands. Though he won’t complain you never know what he would comment years after the wedding. Just Kidding!!

What if I don’t like the ring?

Girls are choosy and let’s accept this fact. Maybe he is planning for a cute little surprise wherein you are unaware of the whole scenario and he suddenly proposes you with a ring. This seems so romantic on screen and novels and in real life too unless or until you find the ring way far from your type.

Try to keep that feeling as intact as you can so you don’t ruin the auspicious moment.

What caption am I going to post on my Instagram page?

“I said Yes!”

“He stole my Heart. So I’m Stealing his Last Name”

What would be your next Instagram caption? We know this is going on your mind. If you are a girl who can’t stop posting every small and big moment on Instagram, you would be having the one at this moment too. So, be ready for that.

The Conclusion

Getting a wedding proposal is a feeling that every woman loves to experience. Through the content of this article, we tried to cover most common thoughts women have when expecting a wedding proposal.

Did you experience the same thought-series in your time? Did you relate to this article? Please share your feelings with us because we always love to hear from our readers. You can drop your comment in the comment box and we will revert back at the earliest.

Best of Luck!!

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