Burying the Bourbon Bottle: The Southern Wedding Tradition

We live in a world where traditions change with our geographic locations. If we talk about the wedding traditions, our ancestors have built up so many beautiful customs that signify the importance of vows, long-term relationships, and love in a wedding.

In this article, we will learn about one of such wedding traditions, which is quite popular in southern weddings. We are talking about “Burying the Bourbon Bottle” tradition which is known to bring a pleasant weather condition on the wedding day if followed with due respect.

What it’s all about?

According to Southern folklore, if the bride buries a bottle of old bourbon at her wedding venue, they will have clear weather on their wedding day. No rain, clear sky, and pleasant sunshine is what this tradition assures the couple if followed properly.

How to do that?

If you want to adopt this southern wedding tradition at your big day, go by the basics. It all starts with the bottle of bourbon containing whiskey that you can enjoy at post wedding functions.

Use these points to get started.

1. If you have planned that you will follow this tradition on your D-day, make sure you have at least one month to go. According to the tradition, the bride should bury this bottle of bourbon at her wedding venue a month before the wedding day.

So, get the bottle and bury the same at your wedding venue at least one month before the big celebration day and let the holy beliefs behind this beautiful wedding tradition play its game.

2. Before you do that, make sure the venue staff has no problem with bottle burying. To be on the safer side, ask them in advance. You can also ask them to provide you a hand-written note permitting the bottle burying tradition at their venue. This will ensure you won't have any problem on the wedding day.

3. Moreover, the bottle should be buried in upside down position. So, make sure you place it properly as per the tradition terms. Apart from this, try to bury the bottle close to the place where you will read wedding vows. The more the closer you place the bourbon bottle, the more the chances are you’ll have clear weather conditions on your wedding.

Worried about the bourbon?

You shouldn’t as you can enjoy it after your wedding. Once you are done with the wedding rituals and other functions, dug it up and enjoy it with your friends. You can actually have at your bridal party. This will uplift the aura of your wedding reception/bridal party and your guests will admire this for sure.

To be honest, there’s no downside to this tradition. In spite of all these efforts, if it doesn’t work, you can enjoy the bourbon bottle on your special day. All you need to do is that bury your favorite one and leave everything for the D-day.

Wondering if the bottle gets dirty?

Rest assured because the contents will remain intact even if the body gets dirty in the mud. If you are afraid of your shoes will go dirty in this entire process, then you need to think twice adopting this tradition. Otherwise, you are good to go!

The Conclusion

If you respect this tradition and want to adopt the same at your wedding, perform it with due respect. Take care of three important things while performing the custom; bury the bourbon bottle one month before your wedding day, place the bottle in upside position, and try to bury the bottle close to the place where you’ll read the wedding vows.

These are a few basic things you should keep in mind when performing this southern wedding tradition. The goal is to get good luck and clear weather on the wedding day, not hurting the sentiments of those who strongly believe to “bury the bourbon bottle” custom. 

Hope you like this article.

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