How to Get Started with Couples Shower

Couple uncorking champagne bottle for friends

There was a time when brides used to bring free gifts along with them when starting their own household. These gifts were termed as Dowries. The whole idea was to make sure that the groom has enough things to start a new married life. Essential elements like money, furniture, crockery, new sheets were gifted to the bride by her family.

This concept actually worked for those who can afford all essential elements as mentioned above, but it was awful if the bride belongs to a poor family. In such cases, she could not help her would-be to start a new life because it is hard to attract a husband when all you had to offer is love? To their rescue, Bridal Showers were invented.

Bridal showers originally started as parties where friends and family members were invited to shower a bride with all essential things shed need for starting a new life. It started as a need and now it has become a popular wedding function that everybody enjoys getting enrolled. However, the tradition of gifting money on bridal shower faded with time but bridal shower stayed to ensure the future brides get everything she needs.

Couples Shower

With each passing decade, wedding traditions see minor changes and twists that make it more enjoyable and reviving. The live example is Couples Shower. It is a practical tradition wherein both the bride and the groom are showered with wedding gifts together. This changes the girl-only event into a couples event.

In short, if the bride and the groom find it difficult to celebrate apart, they simply call their loved ones together and throw a shower with the girls and the boys.

Here are a few things that you should know before you plan to throw the Couples Shower:

The Guest List

When making your guest list for the Couples shower, make sure you segregate guests as per their age. Why? As you know couples shower is not a tradition, but a twist to the years-long tradition, bridal shower. There are people, who are closely connected to traditions and such modification can hurt their sentiments. So, make sure you think twice when adding their names to the couples shower guest list.

So, it would be better to confirm their presence by call or visiting in person so that your guest-list wont affect. In short, focus more on loved ones who wouldnt want to miss out on enjoying this awesome day and keep others aside who may be offended by a code shower.

Twist to a Twisted Tradition

Once you are done with the guest list and sure that all the guests whod be attending this event are excited to rock the show, its time to think for a twist.

Think of something different that you can do at this party. Maybe a unique dress code, new drink, fun activities, or anything that your guests would love to have.

You can choose a unique venue for the couples shower. How about a beach wherein everyone plays paddleball and splashed in the waves? Doing so, you will have a beach shower on your couples shower day. Isnt it cool?

Similarly, you can think of a game shower or a party pool shower. Just think over it and you will come up with a unique idea.

Every party gets a rowdiness factor when boys are involved and being a party host, you must ensure that the girls are not getting uncomfortable with this. To avoid that, start the party with a name game so that everyone gets introduced and feels comfortable in talking, at least. Also, divide girls and boys into a different team to avoid physical contact as much as you can.

The Conclusion

These are a few things that you should consider when planning your couples shower. Be with the trends but dont forget the roots of this beautiful tradition. Make sure you dont hurt the sentiments of any guest present there to wish you good luck for the new life.

Hope this works for you.

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