The Hidden Meanings of Bridal Bouquets

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Jan 08,2018

Without flowers, a wedding looks so imperfect and every bride-to-be wants to have a special and unique bridal bouquet that would just add some more grace to your wedding look. Do you know that these bouquets have some meaning behind them? These days, there are many bridals who are more interested in holding a bouquet with a meaning. To decode the real meaning of flowers, do read below as it will give some significant information on flower ideas. This could also cease down the flowers that don’t suit your personality.

If in case, you are having trouble picking up the right bunch of blooms for the bridal bouquet, this article would just not reveal the names of the flowers that look absolutely mesmerizing; however, decode the hidden meaning behind using these flowers in a bouquet:


Anthurium flower comes in different vivid shades such as pink, red and subtle green. It is perfect flower for a bouquet to giving the entire bouquet an extra edge of elegance with a dash of beauty. These flowers are a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and hospitality, which is perfect for the wedding.

Calla Lily

When it comes to adding a grace and elegance to your overall subtle bridal look, the calla lily is a special flower that adds up beauty with its simple appearance. It is the most popular choice of flowers for brides as it complements their wedding dress with its beautiful color and shape of the petals. The most beautiful and graceful flowers signify magnificent beauty which adds an element of sophistication to an event. Calla lily symbolizes innocence and purity which is also required for a perfect wedding.


While you walk down the aisle, make sure to hold anemone flowers in your bouquet as it signifies anticipation. This flower comes in vibrant colors including pink, red, purple, and subtle ivory.


The Daffodil is a fun and vibrant flower that can brighten up any bridal bouquet. Basically, Daffodil signifies regard and chivalry so it could be the perfect buttonhole for your groom. It also represents new beginnings and eternal life, so make sure to use more than one Daffodil though as a single stem is said to represent unrequited love.


Daisy often remind people of their younger days, making daisy chains and playing outside. If you love this fun flower then bring it into your wedding bouquet. The Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity so it is the perfect flower to represent the beginning of your new lives together.


The Hydrangea is another popular wedding bloom, the delicate petals all clustered together are perfect for adding bulk to your bouquet. The Hydrangea represents heartfelt emotions and can be used to express gratitude, so it could be a perfect flower for your bridesmaid bouquets.


Orchids are consistently a popular flower with brides although make sure you are picking the right season for your flower of it could get expensive! The orchid represents exotic beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, and charm so it could be a perfect choice for your wedding bouquet.


Tulips are a pretty and delicate choice for your bridal bouquet and you can choose vibrant shapes like red or yellow or instead go for more subtle tones like light pink and ivory. Tulips signify the declaration of love and what could be the better option for flowers while taking your wedding vows.


Peonies are a gorgeous choice for a bridal bouquet, they work well alone and can also look stunning mixed with roses. The peony represents happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity, all perfect ways to start a marriage!


As of now, you must have open to all flower meanings that are used in the bridal bouquet. So, be your own bouquet expert and decide the flowers that need to be considered for your bridal bouquet and make your friends envy with your expert skills when it comes to the selection of your bridal bouquet.  

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