The Complete Wedding Flowers Checklist - Don't Miss a Petal

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If you're in the process of planning the perfect wedding, then you know that flowers are an essential part of the day. But with so many types of wedding flowers to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones are the best for your big day. Thats why weve created the ultimate Wedding Flowers Checklist, so you dont miss a petal!

Weve broken down the ten different types of wedding flowers so you can decide which ones are best for your wedding. Read on for a comprehensive guide to the perfect wedding flowers.

#1 Bridal Bouquet

Bride holding flower bouquet

When it comes to your bridal bouquet, you want to choose flowers that will complement your dress and make your bridal look complete. Depending on the season and your wedding theme, the options for your bridal bouquet are virtually endless. Classic roses, orchids, and lilies are always a great choice for a romantic look. For a more modern look, try incorporating succulents, dahlias, and ranunculus. Whatever you choose, make sure to pick flowers with a meaning behind them that reflects your relationship and your special day.

#2 Bridesmaids Bouquets

Bridesmaids holding bouquets

Extend the floral beauty to your bridesmaids by providing them with smaller versions of your bouquet or unique arrangements that complement their dresses. For a classic look, try going with the same type of flower as the bridal bouquet but in a different color. For a more modern look, try mixing different textures and colors to create a one-of-a-kind bouquet.

#3 Altar Arrangements

Altar arrangements are an important part of the ceremony, as they provide a stunning backdrop for your vows. When choosing altar arrangements, its important to consider the shape and size of the altar as well as the theme of your wedding. Tall and dramatic arrangements are perfect for a grand entrance, while more subtle arrangements are great for a more intimate ceremony. 

Sprinkle flower petals along the aisle or on reception tables. They can also be used as confetti for the grand exit after the ceremony.

#4 Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres are small floral arrangements worn by the groom, groomsmen, and other important male members of the wedding party. They are typically pinned to the lapel of a suit or tuxedo jacket. Boutonnieres are a thoughtful way to add a touch of elegance and color to the men's attire, complementing the overall floral theme of the wedding. These miniature arrangements often consist of a single flower or a cluster of small blooms, along with greenery or other decorative elements.

The choice of flowers for boutonnieres can match the bride's bouquet or tie in with the wedding color palette. Incorporating boutonnieres adds a cohesive and stylish element to the wedding party's outfits, making them feel special and visually connecting them to the floral theme of the day. To really make the boutonnieres stand out, add in pearl accents and trailing ribbons.

#5 Corsages

Corsages are floral arrangements typically worn by mothers, grandmothers, and other important female family members involved in the wedding. They can be attached to the bodice or wrist of a dress and serve as a fashionable accessory. Corsages are a way to honor and recognize these important individuals, making them feel included in the celebration. The flowers used in corsages can match the overall floral theme or coordinate with the color scheme. They are often designed with a combination of blooms, greenery, and sometimes ribbons or other embellishments.

#6 Table Centerpieces

Flower table centerpieces

Table centerpieces are the perfect way to add a special touch to each table. When it comes to decorative table centerpieces, the size and shape of the arrangement will depend on the size and shape of the table. For a classic look, opt for a round or oval arrangement with a mix of different flowers. 

#7 Reception Decor

Reception decor encompasses all the floral arrangements and decorations used to adorn the reception venue. This includes centerpieces for the tables, floral installations or backdrops, arrangements for the entrance or foyer, and any other floral accents throughout the space. Reception floral decor plays a vital role in setting the ambiance and creating a cohesive visual experience for guests.

It enhances the overall atmosphere, creating a welcoming and visually pleasing space where guests can celebrate and enjoy the festivities. The reception decor serves as a reflection of the couple's taste and vision, making the celebration even more memorable and enchanting.

#8 Aisle Decor

Aisle decor refers to the floral arrangements and decorations placed along the aisle where the bride walks down during the ceremony. These decorations can include flower petals scattered along the sides of the aisle, small vases or jars filled with flowers placed at regular intervals, or larger floral arrangements that line the entire length of the aisle.

Aisle decor adds an enchanting element to the ceremony and serves as a backdrop for those precious moments when the couple exchanges their vows.

#9 Cake Toppers

Floral cake toppers, in particular, incorporate fresh flowers into the design. These can include small clusters of blooms, a floral wreath encircling the top tier, or cascading flowers down the sides of the cake. Floral cake toppers add a natural and organic touch to the cake, tying it in with the overall floral theme of the wedding. They provide a visually captivating focal point, making the cake not only delicious but also visually stunning. Floral cake toppers are a beautiful way to showcase the blooms chosen for the wedding and add an extra layer of charm to the reception.

#10 Favors

Favors are a great way to thank your guests for being part of your special day. Attach a small flower or floral arrangement to your wedding favors, such as a ribbon-tied bud or a mini bouquet. It adds a personal touch and enhances the overall presentation. Try incorporating succulents, dahlias, and foliage in vibrant colors. To really make your favors stand out, add in pearl accents and trailing ribbons.


Incorporating flowers into your wedding adds beauty, elegance, and romance. From bouquets to aisle decor, cake toppers, and reception decorations, flowers create a cohesive and enchanting atmosphere, making your special day memorable for you and your guests.

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