Basic Wedding Cake Trends To Consider

away Wedding Cake Trends


For a Christian wedding, cakes hold a special place. From a delicious sugar-coated to super creamy cakes, there is a wide variety of delicious cakes available or can be made on order. Well, for a few couples, cakes are the way of telling their story, style or even attitude. You must have seen that the cake designer describes couple’s love story by putting wedding cake toppers of their own style. There are some sites that customize your wedding cake toppers through pictures, so if you find this idea quite impressive, just go for it and get your cake covered with your love story.

Apart from the cake-toppers, you can design your own wedding cake. Here is a list of the best cake trends that are quite trending. So read on to get open to the wonderful wedding cake trends of this year.


Sugar-Coated Cakes

If you are not a big fan of cream cakes, you can anything go with the sugar-coated cakes that are more sugary than creamy. This cake is covered with the smooth layer of sugar which is complemented with different cut-outs of sugar made things such as ribbon, cartoon characters or even flowers.


Hand Painted Cakes

This is quite popular among those who are art-lovers as these cakes are quintessentially artistic and look classy and elegant. Take a cue from cake designers are doing and ask your cake designer to get a little artsy with your cake design. Pair those hand-painted tiers with solid-colored layers or even simple flower accents. Always keep in mind that the design should be clean while keeping the tiers simple and stick to all one shape, either all classic round tiers or all square.


Metallic Cakes

If you are totally inspired by the magic of metallics, then you should go with the metallics. These cakes can be made in any pretty style such as delicate embroidery in gold or even in different colors with the touch of glittery touch on the final layer of your cake. You can keep the feel of the cake simple and quirky at the same time as the glittery coat will maintain the balance between soberness and quirkiness.


Sugar Ruffle Cake

Choose the subtle flair of sugar ruffles for an utterly elegant confection. These cakes look quite light, airy with small added details. Finish it off with fresh flowers in between each tier or a few sugar flowers on top.


Cupcakes Wedding Cakes

The trend for filling a large cake stand with individual cupcakes is still thriving, but some brides are looking for a new way to take this idea forward. One innovative solution is a traditional square layered cake with a couple of layers made up of tiny individual square cakes, fully iced and personalized for your guests. This is a more formal alternative to cupcakes but still means that each guest gets an individual cake.


Bejeweled Cakes

These cakes are embellished with the large of costume jewelry which replaces fresh flowers as the most fashionable way to adorn your wedding cake and to tie the cake design in with your overall wedding theme. This trend is particularly good for winter or evening weddings, where the jewels will sparkle under your lighting.


Wrapping Up

After going through this article, you must have understood with the current cake trends, so you don’t have to depend upon your cake baker to suggest you the ideal cake design. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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