Best Ways To Save On Wedding Cake

For any couple, wedding is a big event of their life; however, it is not necessary to spend your entire savings on just it king-size wedding. If you are soon getting hitched, it is suggested that instead of having a grand wedding event, you can save on some of your money by following these ways to save on wedding cake. The wedding cake is an integral part of the wedding but not necessarily important to have a fondant cake at the wedding. Rather, you should invest your money in something that could make your memories sweet.


Valuable Ways For Having A Budget-Friendly Wedding Cake

Keep The Cake Simple and In-Budget

On the wedding, it is not significantly important to impress your guests by placing an order for buttercream or fondant wedding cake. Just in case, you have some guests on the list who can’t keep the things simple, you can make an order for a small-size wedding cake that will delight allure your special guests and cupcake wedding cake would work for your other guests.


Avoid Floral Decorated Wedding Cakes

There are many couples who include floral decoration to their wedding cake but have you ever thought that these hand-made flower cakes are too expensive and require hours of work to get it done. You can easily skip this step and could replace it with fake flowers that will enhance the beauty of your wedding cake and won’t be compromising with the taste. If this makes you little dicey, you can anytime go for a single stem flower cake.


Slice & Serve It Right

Needless to say, do not go for three tiers or above for your wedding cake. You can serve your whole guests with single tier cake, all you have to know the serving part. Ensure while serving the cake to your guests that the slices are not as big as your wedding event. Serve small slices to your guests since the wedding cake is just a tradition, they can satisfy their sweet tooth with the best desserts.


Buttercream To Pick

Fondant cakes are quite on the trend but you can choose buttercream wedding cake for your wedding event. If you compare both the wedding cakes, you will come to know that buttercream cakes are much-affordable cakes to choose from a range of cakes. You can keep this cake simple by avoiding additional decoration to keep the cake in the budget.


Go Naked With Cakes

One of the best and most affordable option when it comes to choosing budget-friendly wedding cakes is naked cakes. This one comes without cream and frosting which reduces the total cost of the wedding cake. You can choose donut cake which is the most innovative and easy wedding cake ideas for the wedding. According to your wedding venues, decide your cupcake theme to make go with the wedding theme. This is a new and fresh wedding cake idea to include for a wedding since it can be served as a dessert to the guests.


Wrapping Up

As of now, the budget-friendly wedding cake trends have been revealed through this post, so any couple who looks forward to searching the best yet cheap wedding cake trend, it is advisable not to look further as the most common and trending cakes have already covered in this post. 

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