Awesome Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas To Pick For A Big Day

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Mar 14,2018
away Wedding Cake Ideas

A perfect white sugar coated cake or even a cream based decorative cake is too old-fashioned now as we are becoming more innovative and stylish by trying our hands on an array of cake ideas for the wedding. If you are getting hitched soon, then you should select the wedding cake that depicts you through the design and taste you would opt for. We have come up some utterly delicious cake ideas that will break the monotony of traditional cake ideas and not-to-forget to mention - the taste. Nowadays, there are many couples who are taking a delicious dip in a pool of sweets and cupcakes.


Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

Here in this post, you would learn how delectable desserts, both sweet and savory can make an alternative wedding cake idea for the wedding.

Cheese Cake

Cheesecake is popular among couples these days and this is one of the best options for replacing your sugar-coated cake with this smooth cheesy cake. Swap your three tiers of sugar-coated cake for a tower of cheesecake to make it look different and of course to taste different. You can decorate this cake with some fruits, candies, and biscuits to cover your hunger for more sweets.


Plain Cake  

Not a fan of fondant icing, then there are an array of cakes that would fill the layers with delicious buttercream or chocolate syrup. Just in case, if you are not willing to fill your cake with any buttercream, you can simply go with a plain cake that is assorted with fresh fruits and jam. While making a booking for the same, ask your cake designer to add some caramel-dipped fruits to make it more scrumptious.


Doughnuts and Cupcakes Wedding Cake

One of the most innovative and easy wedding cake ideas is to have a doughnut and cupcake wedding cake for your wedding. According to your wedding venues, decide your cupcake theme to make go with the wedding theme. This is a new and fresh wedding cake idea to include for a wedding since it can be served as a dessert to the guests.


Macarons and Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Most of you must be baffled with cupcake tower; however, they are a town of the light French meringue-based biscuit that looks incredibly beautiful due to its uniform shape and flexibility of painting in your desired colors. They are the traditional French wedding cake that satisfies your sweet tooth with the coating of caramel and spun sugar. You can ask your cake designer to add some candy floss to it to make it look more real.


Wrapping Up

As of now, you have got an idea of the alternative wedding cake ideas that will help you break the monotony of a traditional wedding cake. So if you are looking for doing something new to your wedding menu, you can simply include the aforementioned wedding ideas to make it more happening and interesting part of your wedding.

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