Wedding Dress Shopping Fails That Every Bride Must Avoid

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Mar 28,2018

The wedding dress shopping can surely be overwhelming for any newly engaged brides. The mental pressure to find ‘the right one’ can often flag up concerns and indecision. In this article, you will learn about some wedding dress shopping fails that every bride should avoid before she visits for her first bridal boutique visit are revealed.


Some Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes


Go Beyond The Sample Size Dress

Try to see beyond the sample sizes, it is impossible for boutiques to carry every single dress in every single size. Not all of the dresses will fit you but try to relax, you also must try umbrella top long frock designs to be comfortable after marriage while traveling many places, and if in doubt give them a call beforehand and have a chat about it all. If the dress style is right you should get a good natural feeling about it regardless of how well that actual sample fits you. This won’t be your physical dress.

Trying Several Dresses

As tempting as it may be, it’s a good idea to keep a cap on the amount of dresses you try and the number of boutiques you visit. Plan your time carefully – and try to set yourself a ‘decide by’ date. Remember, too, that a lot of manufacturers have a three or four month waiting time for a dress. Take a couple of weekends and book appointments at a maximum of 5 different boutiques – this will give you plenty of choice as far as gowns are concerned.

Not Getting Committed to Wedding Dress

If you are just at the ‘getting ideas’ stage then we would say the big shows, wedding fayres, wedding magazines and Pinterest are the best places to go for inspiration. If you’re not ready to commit to a dress and be ready to order it, there is no use booking boutique appointments just yet. The stock changes frequently and so will not be a true reflection of what you could have when you actually come to make a decision.

Making Long Guest List

Take a maximum of two people with you who you trust and really want to have a say in your dress. Most boutiques these days will limit the amount of friends and family you can bring with you, anyway. This might sound harsh but it really is done for a good reason – and this is to help you be the focus of the appointment.


You may have a specific idea in mind, but we urge you to try at least one dress you think you might not want. This then puts rest to the ‘what ifs’ if you decide on a gown later. Most brides come into the boutique with a list of wants and not-wants and almost every one changes their mind or ends up wearing a style they’d never have to thought to try! So don’t forget to share your experience with us in the below comment section.

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