Dos and Don'ts Of Wedding Gown Style

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Mar 05,2018

There are possibilities that you might have decided on your wedding style, however, you are not aware of the dos and don’ts of your wedding gown style that will be center of the attraction of your wedding day. So it is recommended to follow the basic dos and don'ts to ensure the most important dress you will wear reflect your personal style.

Here are some dos and don'ts of it, so read on to know what to follow and what to not when it comes to wedding dress style:

Wedding Location

Dos: If you have finalized a traditional ceremony with a formal reception, it is advisable to choose an A-line or ball gown with a square neckline which is a classic, and timeless gown style. Contrary to it, if you are getting married afternoon outdoors ceremony, make sure you go for a strapless sheath dress that is made of a light satin. If you are planning out an exotic wedding in deserts or islands, a flirty tea-length gown with festive shoes or even barefoot is the ultimate non-traditional wedding attire.

Don'ts: It’s recommended to avoid wearing mermaid gown when you have an outdoor wedding as it can ruin your wedding dress with the mud stains. Just in case, it is unavoidable and you have to dress up like a mermaid, carpet is perfect to avoid facing issues that come with mermaid dress style.

Footwear Selection

Dos: When it comes to selecting the right pair of shoes for your wedding, high heels come to your mind as most of the wedding stylists suggest wearing heels at the wedding due to the fact that it enhances your overall look. However, it is mandatory to wear heels at your wedding, in case, you are having a destination wedding and your destination is desert, then it is not feasible for a bride to wear heels as it might bring multiple health issues. Therefore, boots or even platforms are perfect footwear to consider for your wedding.

Don’ts: Never ever wear boots under sheath wedding dress as it will tear down the entire elegant look for your wedding. Sheath dress style is often carried off on formal weddings, so wearing platforms could pull off a casual way.

Select Right Undergarments

Dos: A lot of bridal salons recommend selecting the right undergarments that suits your body shape and matches with your wedding dress color. Often times, there are many brides who get influenced by other bride’s wedding dress without giving a thought to their body shape which results in a weird shape. So, it is mandatory to select and wear the right type of undergarment that suits your wedding dress color and body shape as well.  

Don’ts: Never wear dark color undergarment beneath your light color wedding gown, it will wreck the entire grace of your wedding gown. This is something that every bride knows but still make mistake while choosing undergarment for her wedding day.

Wrapping Up

After getting opened to the dos and don’ts of wedding dress style, you should understand the significance of the aforementioned things you must follow. So, don’t to make fool of yourself by skipping any of these points.  

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