Pros and Cons of Purchasing Preowned Wedding Gown

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Feb 25,2018

A wedding dress is so special to any bride that she would never try to take a risk while purchasing her wedding gown. If you are a bride-to-be, purchasing second-hand wedding gown would be something that you might haven’t thought of going for. Buying second-hand wedding gowns come with some pros and cons similar to the fact that a coin has two sides, likewise, buying pre-owned bridal dress has two sides of it. If you are planning to wear a second-hand gown at your wedding, you should be well-versed with its pros and cons. So, here are some pros and cons to this idea of buying a rental wedding dress. Read on to narrow down the decision-making of buying it.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pretty Price

Pro: Price is probably topping the list when planning a wedding and doubtlessly the biggest factor among all the pros of buying a rental wedding dress. You can get the pre-owned dress at an affordable price. The original cost of a wedding gown is much higher than a  pre-loved gown, so this way you can get a gorgeous wedding gown at half price. Buying this kind of gowns can save your money and also make you look super gorgeous at your wedding.  

Con: Comparatively, these pre-owned gowns cost less than an original dress; however, when you bring it home it will cost as much as an original one. When you get it home, there are many miscellaneous expenses that come with it such as dry-cleaning expense, maintenance expense etc. So if you can pay high for any second-hand stuff, then why you wouldn't go for a new one?


Pro: When it comes to wedding dress style, there is a wide variety of wedding dresses available in the market. All you have to choose your style you want to wear on your wedding day and the color you always wanted to have.

Con: When you look for pre-owned, the first thing you look into its style and its availability. While planning your wedding, there are many styles that have been dreaming of, but when it’s time for you to fulfill your dreams you kind of compromising your desires. You must have thought of having a wedding dress similar to Princess Diana wedding gown, but due to unavailability of the dress, you have to compromise on the style.


Pro: One of the biggest pros of buying a pre-owned dress is that you can get any fabric you want to wear and that too at low price. Apart from it, you can get the assurance that the fabric is not of poor quality since it has already been worn by somebody.

Con: You have to wear the same fabric which has already been used by somebody which also clarifies the quality of fabric if it was worn wrongly. This way, you can select the high-quality fabric that will enhance the overall appeal of your wedding dress.

Wrapping Up

When you’ve had an eye on your dream wedding dress that costs more than your monthly salary, then it is recommended to be wise and smart while choosing your bridal dress. Although it is quite difficult to curb down your preferences according to the options available in the wedding gown, it can be fulfilled with these rental wedding dresses. After going through this post, you must have come to know about its pros and cons. Therefore, before you go for it keep all the advantages and disadvantages in mind and choose the best wedding dress along with a smart purchase.

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