Top Bridal Dress Trends From Bridal Fashion Week 2018

Just a few weeks away from your wedding and you have been scrolling through Instagram to get your perfect wedding dress. While looking at the wedding dress, they all look more or less the same; however, on a closer view, you can see the difference that only a designer can view. This year, the bridal designer has added some elements to bridal dress style which can be easily noticeable at Bridal Fashion Week runway. Every season, wedding gown designers come up with new and innovative ideas on the bridal gowns and this year they have unveiled anything-but-cookie-cutter bridal dress trends that will play a big role on your BIG day!

Top Bridal Dress Trends

In this article, you would be revealed to the latest wedding dress trends straight from the Bridal Fashion Week runway. From charming capes to split sleeves dresses, we have got you covered with the hottest wedding dresses you should know:

Charming Capes and Caplets

Bridal veils are so yesterday now! A full-length bridal cape or a caplet are replacing veils with its graceful style and appeal. This trend gives a new dimension to your simple and plain wedding gown and pulls off a mid-wedding outfit change. Cape offers a formal appeal to your wedding looks, so if you are planning to have a formal wedding ceremony.

Tip to pick: Embellished or embroidered sheer capes add more grace to your looks!

Hot Halter Necklines

Necklines play a vital role when it comes to choosing a wedding dress for your big day. Flaunt your toned shoulders on your wedding day with a hot halter neckline which would enhance your bridal beauty with its beautiful design. This modest style works for all body types and for bustier brides it is a holy grail as it flatters the upper body and supports your bust completely.

Tip to pick: Although, it works on all body types; however, too skinny brides with sharp shoulder bones are suggested to skip this style.

Beautiful Bows

Since last few years, bows have been quite popular and hot trend in terms of wedding dresses, so this ultra-classic detail is still in the continuation of flattering brides-to-be with its cute and classic styling. From delicate to statement bows to giant waist-bow trend, this trend seems to be working for all body type and any bride can pull it off so gracefully if it is designed properly.

Tip to pick: This embellished style is perfect for brides who are cute looking.

Sheer Split Sleeves

Long sheer split sleeves are perfect for adding a streamer-like effect to your stunning wedding looks. This bridal dress trend makes an ethereal statement by channeling your lace sheath gown with fluttery details pairing with a sultry fit-and-flare wedding dress.

Tip to pick: Add a graceful lace to the ends of the split to enhance its split.

Subtle Slip Dress

The slip dress is not a new trend, instead, it’s been throbbing hearts since the 90s. If you are a true lover of this slinky, curve-skimming slip dress, then it’s time for you to rejoice as this trend is back with a bang. This silhouette defines effortless elegance and when it is paired with a simple crepe style and an embellished lace.

Tip to pick: This trend works for curvy brides.

High-Fashion High Collar

This super-modern style gives you a regal feel if it is paired with statement earrings and a windswept updo which would perfectly complement your buttoned-up dress. Add some high-fashion vibes to your subtle wedding gown with the high collar trend.

Tip to pick: this trend is perfect for brides with a sleek and long neck.

Over To You

As all the bridal fashion trends have been revealed to you, it’s high time you ask your designer to customize your wedding dress inspired by these latest trends. Do share your thoughts on this post in the comment section below.

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