Perfect Bridal Veil Styles To Pick

Bridal Veil is the most iconic accessory for a wedding that comes in several options to choose from; however, you may have no idea about the bridal veil styles available in the market until you step into a bridal studio. A veil completes any bridal look; moreover, it is a perfect way to make your style statement for your wedding. There are many choices of veils available today that allow you to truly make this accessory your own unique addition to compliment your dress and you perfectly on your big day. From fingertip veils to Juliet cap veil styles, find and choose your favorite style that would add a feather to your hat.

Modern Wedding Veil Styles

Birdcage Veil


If you want to add a vintage touch to your modern bridal look without compromising on your simplicity, then a feather-adorned birdcage veil is an ideal style to pick. This cage net with bird feathers is designed in such a way that it frames your face to make it look little feminine and flirty at the same time. The fabric of this veil is too delicate so that it won’t hurt bride’s face.

Perfect for brides: those who don’t like the long trail at her back.

Juliet Cap

The Juliet cap is the epitome of elegance and creativity which adds some drama to any bridal look with silk flowers and a netted Juliet cap. This mesh cap usually incorporates beading, crochet, flowers that are brought together either on the side or back of the head. Complete your simple and plain wedding gown with its romantic details.

Perfect for brides: those who like literature and wants to add some drama to her basic wedding look.


Similar to the birdcage veil, this artfully arranged layers of tulle and net is sweet and short which is intended to cover the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle. To keep this style unique, you can incorporate a blusher to some of the long wedding dress styles if you still want an unveiling but you also love those picturesque veils in the wind moments.

Perfect for brides: who are short-height brides and are looking forward to keeping it simple.


This style is by far the most popular and flattering style out in the bridal studio when it comes to bridal veil. It is neither short nor long, this veil sits exactly where the name implies, at the end of the bride’s fingertips.

Perfect for brides: who wants to strike the right balance between the wedding dress and wedding accessory.


The ballet veil should fall somewhere between your calf and ankle.It is also known as a waltz, this style is perfect for a fitted dress without a train, needless to say, you won’t have to worry about anyone stepping on it!

Perfect for brides: who are more nervous about managing their wedding dress and accessories.

Full-Length Veil 

This style is well-known as a chapel veil, this style is known to be worn at more formal weddings. It is designed in such way that it falls just beyond the end of your dress trail, and just before where a cathedral veil would extend, the chapel veil is elegant, timeless and stunning.

Perfect for brides: who are looking for stunning veils.


Are you looking for a wow moment? Look no further. The cathedral veil is by far the most formal and royal of all of the options. Remember Princess Diana’s wedding attire? You can’t miss the stunning train and beautiful cathedral veil to match!

Perfect for brides: who want to look like a princess.

Lace Veil

For a simple and understated gown, a detail of delicate lace is just a bless and when it is paired with loose waves it makes a bride look like a goddess.

Perfect for brides: who love details.

A Cover Up

Keep all the things aside, just remember to stay true to yourself and to who you are. Always keep in mind that whatever things that you have envisioned for your wedding you need to stick to those. There is a wide range of veils available in the market, explore and choose the one that is meant for you. Hope this post helps you in finding the perfect bridal veil for your wedding look.

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